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Re: Odoo Taxes different countries

Mr James Alfa
- 06/07/2016 03:36:32
Erwin and all Odooers,

well it IS an Odoo problem if Odoo claims to offer an ecommerce platform but cannot show the right taxes based upon the customer's location. So there are two related questions:-

1) How does odoo undertake geolocation - are there modules that need to be installed or is it built in?
2) How can different odoo websites (it claims to offer a multiwebsite capability) be switched to based upon the visitors country as determined by 1).



This is not an Odoo related problem. When googling around you will find
out that there is no perfect solution. A common way is to set up
different shops for different countries.

On 07.06.2016 08:37, Administracio wrote:
> Yes, I think that the correct way is show price incl. VAT and “the user
> registration” I think it’s impossible… you will lost thousand of clients
> on this way. You already lose a big % for not show the shipping price on
> review order… 
> But Let us return, however, to the present topic. Somebody has a
> solution? How do you solved in your Online shops?  
> Thanks again.
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