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Re: Script to upload a DB to odoo migration service

Olivier Laurent (olt)
- 06/07/2016 02:09:30
Hello Jos,

Thanks for sharing this script. It will be helpful for a lot of people I think.

It's not very well advertised but do you know that the Upgrade service has an API ?
It's documented here:
with examples using Python and bash.

You can, for example, create an upgrade request, upload the database and get the status of the request.
It's probably safer than directly using the html form which could eventually change at some time (although nothing is planner so far).
And the result you get is directly usable by scripts (you get results as JSON in fact)

And as Fabien said, we are thinking of integrating this feature directly in



On 06/06/16 20:42, Jos De Graeve wrote:

As i frequently do odoo upgrades for customers, i was tired of uploading the databases by hand, so i wrote a script to help me with that:

It's quite basic but seems to do the trick.  Feel free to use, comment etc


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