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Re: Question on enterprise licensing and barcodes

Fabien Pinckaers (fp)
- 06/06/2016 00:09:50

> - remote prints barcode through Printnode.Com API for incoming shipments 
> - Scan qr code on shipping label/pick list and then scan qr code for each product in delivery order to record lot number to DO
> - Consume raw materials in MO by scanning QR codes on raw materials
> I'm strongly considering moving to Odoo 9 Enterprise if it can reproduce this functionality. v7 is getting too difficult to maintain and I like the idea of Odoo bug fixes in enterprise. I can't find any good documentation on the Barcode functionality in enterprise.

You can test the features easily on Odoo Online. You will have information in the planner (progressbar in the top menu of the barcode app)

Odoo 9 Enterprise supports:

- print barcode on documents (header + lines), not qr code but easy to customize. But there is no integration with printnode.
- scan documents, products and/or lots for all kind of operations: inventory, receptions, delivery, internal moves...
- barcode scanning on MO/WO is for v10 (october 2016) So, you will have to keep your custom module for that. Note: all Odoo Enterprise customers can upgrade for no extra cost once v10 is released.

> Is the shipping module integrated tightly with barcodes? My biggest issue is making sure I record lot numbers on delivery orders by scanning a unique barcode per lot. I do not want to hand type in lot numbers, too many inventory mistakes with that.

Yes, Odoo supports scanning lots number at delivery order.

The barcode scanner app is mobile too.

> Next issue is around licensing. We're a small company and only need 5 users and I can afford the $1500/yr for that but I have about 60 independent dealers that sell our products and I have them setup to use v7's crm now though most aren't actively using it.

> Thoughts? Suggestions?

You should book a meeting with a salesperson to get a price for your usecase:

Note that, for the price, we do the upgrade of your database, but not the specific modules.