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Question on enterprise licensing and barcodes

Chris Jones
- 06/05/2016 23:46:54

This will be a bit long. I've been using OpenERP 7 for about 3 years for my nutritional supplement company and also have done some consulting with others on the industry on using it (through my other business I have built a lot of modules such as shipping integration and a mobile app that does the following:

- remote prints barcode through Printnode.Com API for incoming shipments 
- Scan qr code on shipping label/pick list and then scan qr code for each product in delivery order to record lot number to DO
- Consume raw materials in MO by scanning QR codes on raw materials

I'm strongly considering moving to Odoo 9 Enterprise if it can reproduce this functionality. v7 is getting too difficult to maintain and I like the idea of Odoo bug fixes in enterprise. I can't find any good documentation on the Barcode functionality in enterprise.

Is the shipping module integrated tightly with barcodes? My biggest issue is making sure I record lot numbers on delivery orders by scanning a unique barcode per lot. I do not want to hand type in lot numbers, too many inventory mistakes with that.

Next issue is around licensing. We're a small company and only need 5 users and I can afford the $1500/yr for that but I have about 60 independent dealers that sell our products and I have them setup to use v7's crm now though most aren't actively using it.

If I have to pay $300/yr for all of those users (most of whom might not use it anyways) I'm at $20k per year. An order of magnitude out of my range and I might as well stay on community and just port my current code over.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Chris Jones
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