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Andi Becker
- 06/03/2016 21:16:24

On Sat, Jun 4, 2016 at 1:09 AM, Ermin Trevisan <> wrote:
But you are not allowed to agitate and permanently stir up the pot without contributing anything

Hi Ralf

You can see how "friendly" get's defined and practised just after your post. It is sad - true but that is what it is. Like "kindergarten".

People which now tell even that they just joined the community and who complain about no contribution constantly are blaming those who are here since years already and who contributed and promoted OpenERP and Odoo a lot not only to other regions than the western world but also in Germany and on a number of international conferences and while doing consulting jobs for huge companies in need of another solution than SAP, or who were looking for a good system for them to get involved, probably creating jobs for them who complain.

Right now the German translation is a bit like a mess as Ermin wrote and i.e. many translations have already been corrected in I guess that quite a lot of people who like to get a proper German translation running for their customers meanwhile use the fork, so they have not a real need for another German translation, especially not as the fork fixes also a lot of other stuff which is simply needed and should be common sense also to be integrated in In other words, while using the Fork of Odoo German language speaking customers can save a lot of time to get their Odoo site up and running.

As the current state of the Odoo translation of the Odoo S.A. version is far behind what already provides to German Language speaking customers, developers and agencies, it would be only logical to get in touch with Martin and get him motivated to the idea of Transiflex (which has unfortunately also the downsides already described on Openfellas)

The problems described by Openfellas could be easily solved by getting them to build and review the terms on Transiflex and setting up a proper terminology at first place. If Odoo S.A wants to have people translating their software which they since Version 9 close down more and more for the community version, they should motivate them to contribute and bring in some insentives they like. We are no partner of Odoo S.A. and therefore have also no more access to all the code of the Enterprise Version. So to do a complete translation of Odoo the Partners should step in and work for Odoo on that problem. We simply can't help here anymore!

I think Openfellas is trying to achieve exactly that! Getting other partners to work together with them on the German translation and as they write, right now they seem to raise some funds for doing that. For sure that translation will be based on the Odoo S.A. base perhaps already corrected with the correct terminology used in I am not sure how many people already contacted them and perhaps already started to contribute to them as their approach seems to be much more promising for a great result than the one with Transiflex and no one doing a proper review and setting up a correct terminology which should actually be the starting point of any translation.

In other words the Well prepared surrounding to do a proper translation seems to be given with openfellas. After that translation is finished there is still time enough to import the correct translation to Odoo S.A. Transiflex system. But at the time this happens you would have a proper set up terminology already in place and it would be used and Odoo users will get used to it and of course even than there needs to be a constant review by a small selected group of people who know how to review technical translations and who will check also the use of the agreed and clearly defined terminology. 


If you want to do all the translation on Transiflex I see no problem either, if you integrate those people, developers and agencies who started their own translation projects already. Get in contact with them first and INTEGRATE them so that they feel that they not get kicked out and that they can promote even their own companies by doing that. 

We believe in a team approach with our clients: clear objectives, a clear game plan and clear communication are the keys to success.
Our experience with managing projects, our pragmatic problem solving approach and our strong partner network help us to find the best solution for your business.

Take them by their own words and get things done without constant tries to block and kick out people. 

It goes without saying that a professional solution is an absolute must. We do know that with the transifex project there are some promising approaches to this issue. But, as the saying goes, too many cooks spoil the broth. And though the many dedicated helpers are doing a wonderful job, there is no real solution in sight, when it comes to a standard nomenclature. Too many different words for the same terms only lead to confusion. Thus a provider becomes a “Lieferant“, at other times a „Autoteilehersteller“, and still another time a „supplier“. And of course it is not really sufficient to translate the original version word for word into the other language. Different industry sectors have different terminologies for certain situations that may not be easily transferred from one language to the other. Another problem will be that the German word does not necessarily fit the allotted space. Then you have to fiddle around and start improvising, and that may be problematic if too many translators work on different texts at the same time.

This is what their motivation is to setup a separate German translation, and to be honest most customers and people who work with Odoo will agree with that. They are trying to solve that problem and they seem to have a great idea already how to solve it. So get in touch with them and do the translation together! Let them even setup the translation team on transiflex and manage it on transiflex! I think they know what they are doing and what they want to achieve and how they will achieve exactly that.

Odoo German translation really does not need more people working on it. First of all it would need a clear terminology and the best way setting up that would be with a small group of knowledgable people who did technical translations before. They seem to have exactly them!

And I guess Martin with his team did exactly the same at to correct lots of wrong translations already. There are knowledgable people in that community so please please ask them first if they can help with their experience and know how! We don't need more improvisations by people who have perhaps not even a slightest idea about the problematic and how to do technical translations properly.

Why reinventing wheels when very useful stuff, ideas and manpower how to solve that translation problem is already existing. Get those people involved!
But please don't use the approach some here try to use constantly to get me and our team here involved - even we are already involved anyway ;-). The effect by them might be just the opposite of what you try to achieve and they will intensify their own approach and for sure they wil be very successful with it at the end and contributions on Transiflex will be very rare.

In German we say! "Wie man in den Wald hineinruft, so schallt es heraus!" - bzw. "Swie man ze walde rüefet, dazselbe er wider güefet" (Freidank gest: 1233) - "It is nice to be nice"

Have a nice weekend and think about it or simply write an eMail to them and ask them!

Either someone who is already in the translation team or even much better Martin from Odoo S.A. could approach them from an official site. 
Invite them to join the effort!