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Ermin Trevisan
- 06/03/2016 14:02:30
> Ermin as you are a member of the translation team I simply ask you why
> the translation has not be done properly so that others have to correct
> them -  is only one example but I actually
> recommend customers who want a German Odoo site to use the fork of
>  rather than the 
> original as it has lots of other improvements too and fits EU and German
> guidelines.

I contribute what I'm able to contribute being not a developer and being
a newbie to Odoo and the community. But I contribute what I can! I'm not
involved in any decision making, I'm not responsible for the situation
that unfortunately happened to the german translation while upgrading to
9.0, I'm not even a reviewer, I'm translating word by word as much as I
can, hoping for a positive review, I'm not complaining and I'M NOT
WRITING 1000s and 1000s of lines of postings without any benefit to anybody.

I think everybody in this world has understood your agenda (it is not
that complicated...Hetzner Hosting,, AGPL and python 3), even
if almost nobody has read your 100'000s of lines of postings. You are
allowed to have your opinion as everybody else has. But you are not
allowed to agitate and permanently stir up the pot without contributing
anything, you are also not allowed to explain me how the world works.
Sorry, of course you are obviously allowed to, because you are not
banned yet, but I'm also allowed to express my deepest displeasure.
Enough is enough. You do no good to the community, after all these
months this is my personal conclusion.

>      You are not the one authorized to delegate homework and to educate
>     everybody about how the world works or should work.
> You are not authorised too but as I guess you would like people to
> contribute to the translations transiflex but with the attitude you just
> showed up here it is really no wonder that those mentioned companies run
> their own translations, sorry! 

I'm not authorised to anything and that's why a behave myself according
to it, in contrary to your behaviour.
>     Start contributing anything useful to the community or XXXX.
> You could already have a lot of more contribution from our people here
> if you would be nice, friendly and cooperative and not always pushing
> away ideas which are simply useful to get things done.

No, it takes a long time until I really get fed up and explicit, and I
dit not embarass all people over months, I was quiet and did contribute
what was possible for me to do, it's not my behaviour which should
refrain people from contributing, I have no position at all in this respect.

> ---
> I can only repeat what was said already. 
Not again....

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