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Ralf Hilgenstock
- 06/03/2016 11:53:33
Hi Andi,

can we talk a little bit more friendly here.

The German translation has a long history. There are several documents from former groups of translators. They are linked in the German discussion in Transifex.
Lets move the discussion to Transifex.  It would be fine if the external translator put their work into the official release.

The terminology discussion requires knowledge and experience in the modules and  business areas. In different branches the same term is often used different. Same can happen between SME and international corps. Its the job of the guys who can confirm translations to check the use of the terminology.
If we are in doubt we should discuss in Transifex.


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Freitag, 3. Juni 2016 17:32
Why? Official Odoo translations have to be done on Transifex. Period.
How should one now merge different states of translations?

Ermin as you are a member of the translation team I simply ask you why the translation has not be done properly so that others have to correct them - is only one example but I actually recommend customers who want a German Odoo site to use the fork of rather than the original as it has lots of other improvements too and fits EU and German guidelines.

You are not the one authorized to delegate homework and to educate everybody about how the world works or should work.

You are not authorised too but as I guess you would like people to contribute to the translations transiflex but with the attitude you just showed up here it is really no wonder that those mentioned companies run their own translations, sorry! 

Start contributing anything useful to the community or XXXX.

You could already have a lot of more contribution from our people here if you would be nice, friendly and cooperative and not always pushing away ideas which are simply useful to get things done.


I can only repeat what was said already. 

1. ask the people who provide proper translations if they will contribute their translation to Transiflex. As external translations can also be imported this should actually not be a problem at all. If you are a member of that translation to German on Transiflex and capable to use Git you can find the correct translations also on github and update the one on Transiflex - So you can make sure that yours won't get overwritten - I hope they have not been replaced by better ones in

2. With that proper translated Version it will be possible to make videos and screenshots also in German language and proper translation. 
Always keep in mind what was written on - you need someone who is capable to review the translations and translating technical stuff is pretty similar like cooking a soup. 

3. Keep it simple and don't try to reinvent wheels by letting several people doing exactly the same stuff. This is why FIRST those should get asked which already did a lot of work and where their customers and those using their stuff are more than happy with their correct translation of terms. 

as Ralf just wrote their are a lot of people who are interested to get a proper translation of Odoo, because they like to push Odoo much more on the German market. 

Thanks by the way to Ralf who is a real HOPE and light and someone who shows that there are also people who are capable to motivate others.
"The ressources for translation and quality management are very limited, but there is continous progress. It would be nice if everyone who has ressources or made some work on it adds it there."
Exactly, so please Martin talk to the people/communities behind myodoo and openfellas. This would bring the translation of the Odoo Community Version 8 and 9 a big step forward!
Ralf listed some important points about translations. I ordered them for the importance of tasks as I see it.
1. correct terminology - very important and this should get defined and listed somewhere so that all module and template etc. developers can have a look here.
> Ralf would it be possible to get such a list of terms? It would help also developers to use the correct ENGLISH term at first place! - with a clearly defined translation terminology and usage also parts of the translation could be automised.
2. consequent use of the terminology. - this is only possible if all terms are known and get alphabetically listed so you can find them easily. Otherwise translators use Google Translate or their own "ideas" "wordcreations" which make the translation inconsitent and difficult to understand i.e. like the German one right now! 3. quality of translation - will rise tremendously if 1. gets defined and like described in 2. used all the time. To bundle the effort I would recommend to first do a proper German Translation before starting a bavarian, swiss or austrian dialected version.
The people which did the Translation until now would be actually the best to get 1 and 2 running as they what they have been tyranslated, with that list also other possible contributors can add their comments and changes.
4. completeness - this is nice to have but actually not so important than 1. and 2. to achieve 3. - The completeness will come after 1. and 2. got defined and are accessible for everybody as an orientation!
Concerning translating the website of Odoo S.A. to German Ralf is right
The Odoo web site is a Odoo headquarter project. They should define the processes for this translation

Beside that I doubt that it is really needed in German language as most companies who run their own SAAS and Odoo Sites in Germany have already their own descriptions. Beside this the Translation of the website would be a real Partners Project as the website is mainly promoting the Odoo Cloud solution and Enterprise Edition.

Thanks and have a nice weekend!


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Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2016 17:17


As you may know we have already published the translations of our software for each major version as well as our documentation (if this was not the case, please check our Translation help page).

Today, to be able to reach a larger audience interested into Odoo in general, we have also published the translations of our main website
The users of Transifex can now access the new project "" on our organisation page.

Don't hesitate to join the translations teams. Once a language reaches enough progress (more than the half) and has been reviewed by the team, we will add it in the list of available languages.

Thank you for your help and don't hesitate to contact me if you have issues or wish to have more information on the translation tool.


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