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Ralf Hilgenstock
- 06/03/2016 10:47:20
hello to everyone

this seems to be a very German discussion. :-(

There are lots of people who are interested to support and push Odoo 
into the market. We are all interested to get a complete and nice German 
interface for the software. We are also interested that the presentation 
on website is available in German.

In the background several people are working on the translation for the 
software. The discussion about this is done in transifex. Its possible 
to upload improvements and corrections there.  This is the place that 
odoo offers for this and we should use it.

The ressources for translation and quality management are very limited, 
but there is continous progress. It would be nice if everyone who has 
ressources or made some work on it adds it there.

Personally I'm involved in several translation projects. The problems 
are often:
- completeness
- quality of translation
- correct terminology
- consequent use of the terminology.

This are problems we have actually.

So we are happy for everyone who adds his 2 cent to the project.

The Odoo web site is a Odoo headquarter project. They should  define the 
processes for this translation

Ralf Hilgenstock

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