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Ermin Trevisan
- 06/03/2016 05:54:44
This is getting ridicoulous

1. As mentioned, we are talking about the website.
2. I give a ... about who is doing what and why.

> If there is really the need for a German website for the Enterprise and
> Online Version it would be best to ask those Enterprise resellers which
> might need it!

Who the hell are you to decide about the needs of others? Ask me, and I
will tell you the complete opposite to your allegations.
> I think Martin should contact first those who already did lots of
> corrections for the german translation and get those integrated to odoo
> S.A. Software! 
> Later the website can do nice screenshots and even videos in german
> language which show those translations also on the video/screenshots.

Why? Official Odoo translations have to be done on Transifex. Period.
How should one now merge different states of translations?
> Let's let Martin do his homework and get at least the answers from those
> two who are working currently on German translations first!
By the way, I'm also one of those who is working on the german
translation. My name is not nor openfellas, I'm doing it on
You are not the one authorized to delegate homework and to educate
everybody about how the world works or should work.

I'm really fed up!

Start contributing anything useful to the community or XXXX.

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