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Van Hirtum Johan
- 06/03/2016 04:06:34



The translation of Odoo is not the topic of this treat. It is concerning the translation of the website of Odoo SA,

Feel free to help it translate in German, so German speacking people can find all Odoo SA information in their language.


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Van Hirtum Johan


Van: Andreas Becker []
Verzonden: vrijdag 3 juni 2016 9:33
Aan: Community
Onderwerp: Re: Translations of



On Thu, Jun 2, 2016 at 1:52 PM, Ermin Trevisan <> wrote:

There was no german translation for before, neither from Odoo

nor from, neither accurate not inaccurate.

Right Adam and Eve not even had Odoo :-) funny sorry! But what you mean with "there was no german translation for before?


I don't think that it is the same problem like with the Hong Kong Chart of Accounts you mentioned last year, where you wrote about the bug in Odoo:

An Odoo sales rep has told me that several local Odoo partners in Hong Kong have created modules for accounting in Hong Kong for their customers. However, they do not wish to make it available open source. [ 

Apprique - 

On 2/23/15, 8:47 AM ]

Even Odoo S.A. has an Office in Hong Kong right and perhaps would need it?


Meanwhile several companies work on their own on German translations. Actually everybody who does a German site has to, as the translation to German seems to have been done using Google Translate without review process! Unfortunately those companies are not working all together like it looks like and perhaps even produce redundant work. On the other hand it would be IMHO best if their effort could be merged and added to the ODOO Core like English, French, Flemish is available already! Roman summarises the problem pretty good!


Odoo is, in fact, not translated to a sufficient degree, yet. It's (by my totally subjective estimate) ~80% complete at best and can be very spotty and seems to be clumsily done (i.e., not by a native speaker). [

On 7/27/14, 5:55 PM]


It goes without saying that a professional solution is an absolute must. We do know that with the transifex project there are some promising approaches to this issue. But, as the saying goes, too many cooks spoil the broth. [Openfellas]


How you can avoid mistakes by translating Odoo is described very good here:


also here this might help people who need to translate single terms - sometimes transiflex seems to mess up!


Grundsätzlich hat der Bereich Sprache laden einen Bug.
Da die Objekte nicht eindeutig sind, kann ein Wort derzeit nur einmal vergeben werden.
Wir haben diesen Bug für Reports bereits in unserem Modul "Equitania" beseitigt. Für alle anderen Elemente sind wir dran.
Wir in den nächsten Tagen auch erweitert. [Martin Schmid, Equitania]



but it would be important that those problems get also solved in the core of Odoo, without the need of additional modules to solve odoo Core isuues!


Unsere deutschen Sprachübersetzungen unterscheiden sich in Details von den Standardpaketen, da diese aus unserer Sicht teilweise falsch, mißverständlich oder gar nicht übersetzt sind. [Martin Schmid, Equitania]


Import Translations to transiflex:


This might help:

If you have translations that were done outside of Transifex, you can import them into Transifex. When you upload translations, language files in the resource are updated. Existing translations will be overwritten, and new translations will be added from the file you upload.


As all those translations of or openfellas actually will modify the former existing translation the update should be possible.


Step 1: Old translation in German gets replaced by the one of myodoo

Step 2: Openfellas downloads that already modified translation (myodoo) and adds further corrections which than step by step get uploaded again to transiflex. As in one point Openfellas is absolutely right. Many cooks won't make a great tasting soup. 


Aftrer that is done with the German translations which are already used in many German sites by the way, it would be great to inform the community again to make further additions and corrections.


But it really does not make any sense to reinvent constantly the same job which myodoo has already done and which openfellas will try to do again and improve it further. Best would be if Odoo S.A. could sit together with Martin Schmid from Ronald Hanke and Kristofer Eriksson of and get the existing stuff integrated so that it makes sense to add further improvements.


It would be great if Odoo S.A. could take the lead in those negotiations with them who already did a lot for the German translation and than get back to the community when their stuff has been integrated as a regular part to Odoo like English, French and Flemish.






On 02.06.2016 01:20, Andreas Becker wrote:

> Hi Martin 


> could the translations which have been done for

>  already to the German translation as this is much

> more accurate than the German translation of!


> Thanks


> Andi




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