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Re: Product Variant looses the view

Numa Extreme Systems, Gustavo Marino
- 06/02/2016 20:13:02
In some debugging sessions, I have had a similar problem, that means views not following the inheritance behavior.
It was caused because the view mode has changed from "extension" (that means inherited from the base view) to something primary (due to the way it was developed, no problem with the system).
It is common in the primary view not to specify its mode as "primary" (which is the default mode!), and due to the fact the view already exists in the database, the mode of the view remains as an "extension".
I have made the mistake several times, and I regret not be more careful about it.
Even in development, it was fixed just explicitly telling that the view mode is primary or extension. As simple as that!

I hope it helps


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2016-06-02 19:07 GMT-03:00 Luis Panozzo <>:
No, Gustavo, thank you for the interest. The view is still there (meaning in the system). product.product.form which inherits product.template.common.form
It is just that the "LINK" was lost. The association between the data and the view is what is gone. Very odd behaviour.
BTW, this product.template.common.form is what is invoked when the almost similar data has to be displayed within the product.template model.

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