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Re: Product Variant looses the view

Numa Extreme Systems, Gustavo Marino
- 06/02/2016 16:20:00
No view is found. That's why the orm is generating the default view.
Deleted  by mistake perhaps?


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2016-06-02 17:02 GMT-03:00 Luis Panozzo <>:
All of a sudden and with no cause that we have been able to determine Product Variant (product.product model) is showing in a "shapeless" format. 
When we access a PV form (from the tree view or from a quotation line) we do not get the standard view but a four column collection of fields. 
In developer mode, when you try to determine which is the active form (Edit Form View) it is blank. 
We have analized the situation comparing with similar systems (we have looked at actions, menu items and whatever) to no avail. 
The sole difference we have found (but this is a post-facto situation) is the list of received fields (Field View Get" (SIC))
NOTE: These lines apply to our system with a lot of modified structures.

The non-failing system has these lines at the beginning
<form string="Product Variant" name="Product Template">
	<field name="is_product_variant" invisible="1" modifiers="{'invisible': true, 'readonly': true}"/>
	<field name="product_variant_count" invisible="1" modifiers="{'invisible': true, 'readonly': true}"/>
		<field name="state2" widget="statusbar" clickable="True" modifiers="{}"/>
while the the system with problems has
<form string="Product">
	<group col="4">
		<field name="ean13" modifiers="{}"/>
		<field name="code" modifiers="{'readonly': true}"/>
		<field name="panel_thickness" modifiers="{}"/>
		<field name="temp_supplier_id" modifiers="{}"/>
		<field name="incoming_qty" on_change="1" modifiers="{'readonly': true}"/>
​What may have caused this instability?

Thank you in advance​

Luis Panozzo (Lp)
Technology Manager
Elmatica AS
Skype: luispanozzo

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