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Re: question about MRP and quotes for large projects (hotels, hospitals etc)

Jordi Ballester Alomar
- 06/02/2016 10:27:54
Hi Arjan,

It seems to me that the business-requirement modules may be good for you:


Essentially what you manage is manufacturing in the context of complex projects. The bidding process needs to start with the idenfification of the customer requirements and the set of corresponding deliverables.
Once you have agreed on the deliverables with the customer, you continue by estimating the resources that will be required to carry out the project.

Once you have estimated the resources, you'd create a quote to the customer, based on the deliverables. If you win the contract, then you confirm the sales order. You will invoice the deliverables to the customer (not the actual manufactured product). Once the order is approved, you would create manually the BOM and Manufacturing orders that would be required to complete the project.

The best thing would be that you always allocate the costs and revenues to the project, so that you can get to know the profitability of the project. But that would require further customizations.


On Thu, Jun 2, 2016 at 4:08 PM, Arjan Duijs <> wrote:
Hi All,
I have a question on how to implement quotes for large bids in an MRP environment.

We are a manufacturer of furniture, these are almost all project specific pieces. (hotels, hospitals, museums, commercial places etc).
We can of course do the whole quotation within odoo, figuring out its production costs, create boms for every single item.
But we dont always win a bid (or our clients dont win a bid).

if we DO win, its only 1 press of a button and production/purchase starts automatic, so there is a win win.
but if we/they dont win.. there we are, with a system full of specific products we never going to use again since there are project specific. 

So i would like to know your experience on this, how do you handle these kind of projects? you simply put everything in odoo, or keep things separated and put it in odoo when you close the project, or something else? any ideas?


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