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Re: lots and lots of mail error messages: Routing: posting a message without model should be with a parent_id (private mesage).

Olivier Dony (odo)
- 06/01/2016 13:16:09
On 05/31/2016 12:18 PM, robert rottermann wrote:
> to debug this I
> - created a new odoo instance.
> - external to odoo I added a mail account
>      This process produced a greeting email to the new user
> - added an incoming mail server that uses that newly created account.

> now my question:
> what produces that error?

The system is trying to route your incoming messages, and cannot find any
destination for them.
A valid destination would typically be:
 - an email alias matching the 'To:' of the message
 - an existing message to which the incoming message would be replying
 - a fallback 'model' configured on the incoming mail server ("Create a New
Record" field, e.g. CRM Lead, Project Issue, etc.)

> what can I do to fix it.

Ensure that a valid destination exists for each message coming through your
incoming mail server. How to do that depends on your requirements, and why you
setup an incoming mail server in the first place.
Configuring a fallback model on the incoming mail server is probably the
easiest first step.