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Re: community license use in hosted envirnment

Ermin Trevisan
- 05/31/2016 05:12:46
> I feel that the source code is the most important piece as that is what
> takes time, effort and money to build and I should be able to protect it
> from competition and feed my developers. 
The efforts you are now able to save exist because others have made them
and provided the result to the public. Your approach is the exact
opposite of the open source philosophy even if it might be allowed by
the corresponding license and is consiously condoned by the Open Source
philosophy. This is called leaching and it is a moral/ethic issue, not a
legal issue.
It would be nice to try to protect your investments using another way by
combining creative business ideas with superior service quality offerings.
> I understand that I do not have to release the source code that I write
> and it does not break odoo community open source guidelines. Selling it
> as sass solution does not mean conveying since I will not be making
> source available.

You can have this understanding under certain conditions, and I for
myself am by far not sure about what exactly the conditions are.

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