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community license use in hosted envirnment

- 05/31/2016 04:16:13

Thank you all for the information. It is great to be part of an active community.

As you could probably tell, I am a newbie to odoo and open source world. I figured asking the community was a good place to ask since many of us may have encountered these questions and found a way that works for their business. It would also help answer these same questions for future developers. It is both a legal and business issue. 

I come from Microsoft packaged software world and trying to find a way to make money using odoo by extending it for a niche market and offering in a sass solution. I would like to make my solution as a standard for that industry (and odoo) by allowing third party companies to create plugins/apps. Odoo provides so much already and using odoo is quicker than me writing everything from scratch. 

I feel that the source code is the most important piece as that is what takes time, effort and money to build and I should be able to protect it from competition and feed my developers. 

I understand that I do not have to release the source code that I write and it does not break odoo community open source guidelines. Selling it as sass solution does not mean conveying since I will not be making source available.

Please tell me if there is a better way to make money on this.

PS. Thank you for not making it personal.