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Re: community license use in hosted envirnment

Andi Becker
- 05/30/2016 12:03:13
If you are using Odoo 9.0 together with modules under AGPL: see Odoo 8.0

Depends on what has to be made public! Odoo 9.0 is under LGPL and some Modules i.e. most of OCA are AGPL. In that case as long as not the whole Installation can be seen as AGPL only the modules under AGPL would need to be made available for your users but not those under LGPL or GPL.

if you modify the odoo community edition source code you must comply
with LGPL licence and redistribute your modifications to your users.

Sorry but this is wrong! You most comply with LGPL or any of compatible licenses which work with LGPL v. 3  i.e. GPL v 3 or AGPL v 3 (GPLv.2 and AGPL v.2 is not compatible with LGPL v.3) and important you DON't NEED to redistribute your code to others, it is fully up to you! BUT if people get access to your code, they are allowed to redistribute and share it with others, they are allowed to modify and enhance or reduce the functionality and use it like they want in commercial or non commercial products as long as also they follow and release their works. derivates under LGPL v. 3.

do noy copy/paste licensed code

for clarification, you could simply rewrite the code which you need but which you would need to redistribute to the users (i.e. module code of AGPL modules) Odoo did rewrite lots of stuff after the splitting with Tryton when OpenERP changed to the AGPL license, as some developers did not agree with that move!

Concerning what you can do and not do with code under certain licenses I recommend reading:

The much more important question you have to ask your self would be why you would not like to disclose your code, while using and Open Source Product.

I want to build on top of odoo community (similiar to odoo enterprise) and host it and provide as saas model to my customers (same as odoo enterprise). I want to offer third-party apps that work on top of my modified edition. 
I do not want to provide source code to anyone. Is that possible?

Yes this is possible - thanks to the license change away from AGPL v.3 License with Odoo 9, as it would be nothing else than what Odoo S.A is currently doing with one small difference. When they want to change again the license They can change the license by asking all the developers which contributed to their code but you won't be able to do that! You have to stick to LGPL or you have to ask them (and also developers of modules you are using) to agree!

If you are using AGPL stuff you have to make it available to the users if you do something like ODOO on than it must be available for them! Simply have a closer look to what modules get provided in their Odoo Cloud - those are only Odoo S.A. modules of version 9 which are all released under LGPL, which means they don't need to make the code accessible to every user of the site and therefore can offer even Enterprise features in that Odoo Cloud without any License Problems.

You can do the same.

I.e. If you use the Community Edition and you add all Enterprise features to YOUR SAAS Edition under LGPL than you have absolutely no problem, as long as you "rewrite" either the AGPL or their Enterprise License Code.

If you would provide your customers a rewritten Python 3 Version of Odoo 9 and release it under GPL v.3 to avoid that your code gets integrated and linked from proprietary stuf, (what would be the case with LGPL v.3)  you could even integrate without also code of Tryton which is GPL v.3 without any licensing problems. And also here - under GPL v.3. you would not need to release your code to public, BUT if someone gets access to it and redistributes it, that he can do that of course, which means you really have to close down your code and give nobody access, even not your developers or friends as anybody could make your code public or reuse it for his own copy of YOUR work.

To be honest you will have much more success by making your code accessible to others - especially if you like to make an SAAS solution. In that case best would be to release your code under AGPL which you should keep separate from the Odoo S.A,. code at all times so that it could even be distributed in two separated parts. This would give you a much better control about what competitors are doing with your code. Keep Odoo S.A, Code as is in LGPL and add your modules and additions as modules under AGPL. Everybody who will use parts of your code would need to grant you access to the code and you could benefit from that and their resources and ideas.

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On Mon, May 30, 2016 at 9:47 PM, Car Wash Sales <> wrote:
Thanks so much for your quick responses.

Some further clarifications to what I am looking to accomplish:

I plan to use latest odoo 9 and future versions.

I want to build on top of odoo community (similiar to odoo enterprise) and host it and provide as saas model to my customers (same as odoo enterprise). I want to offer third-party apps that work on top of my modified edition. 
I do not want to provide source code to anyone. Is that possible?

I am modeling something similar for odoo to what zoey did for magento - taking community edition, modifying it, providing third party partner apps for additional cost without providing source code. see

Thanks again for your responses.

On Mon, May 30, 2016 at 9:53 AM, Car Wash Sales <> wrote:
I like to host the odoo community edition to sell to consumers.

I want to modify the community source, add new features, allow third-party developer companies to make custom 3rd party add-ons.

1. Am I allowed to do this without breaking odoo community licensing
2. Do i have to disclose my source code?


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