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Re: Sharing a SINGLE Chart of Accounts with Multi Companies

John Pia Jr
- 05/24/2016 09:49:42


THANK YOU ALL for the great input and advice.

I will be working through this challenge and will report back to you.

What j was thinking maybe be a good option is to create a very simple COA for each of the child companies, and use consolidated accounts to consolidate the simple accounts, to the parent companies account (all encompassing)

We have 48 companies, only about 25 of then are operating companies, the remaining are just there for tax purposes. I'm eager to report back with whag I find.

Thank you all again for your input.

- John Pia Jr

On May 23, 2016 4:47 PM, "Humberto Arocha" <> wrote:
Hi John

Technically account.account (which renders the CoA) only allows to use one account per company
Though if you can use them to consolidate accounts, grabbing from your other companies
the accounts you want to report to only one,

in the other hand if you require to have the same chart of account on each of your companies,
then coding a module for that would be mandatory, though I think that could render to be cumbersome
and messy and prone to errors, though an interesting concept.

Some time ago I try to use a similar approach for accounts in the long run I had to 
give up because of the more problems it raised.

You can find that approach on launchpad account_management
Highlight: it is an abandon project, neither it is the same concept of your,
grab what is useful for your get rid of the fat that is useless.

So if the problem is for presentation,
a.- Consolidate Accounts. (no dev required)
b.- Grab ifrs_report, make it multicompany (dev required) use your accounts and consolidate them.

if your problem is operative,
a.- Design, code, deploy, implement and use (hard way)
b.- Find a module with those features (high way)

Best Regards.

Quien suscribe,


On Mon, May 23, 2016 at 4:06 PM, Sebastien Beau <> wrote:
Hi John
I have participate to the grap projet and also to an other projet with 22 companies.

In the case of GRAP, you have only one real company (in a point of view of Juridic, so only one accounting declaration). Then the other company are "sub company" so it's more like "departement of activity" (@Sylvain you can correct me if I am wrong).

In case of real company that are real company in a juridic point of view, we have developped this module, that automatically fill all "account.account" when you update, add an "account.template".
With that solution you can share a same chart of account and update create it easily and still have the possibility to create a specific account not share for one company if need.

This module have been not propose to OCA, due to an perf issue on the creation of account (really slow to compute parent left/right when you have 22 companies). So we have to add a custom recursive sql request to fix this perf issue, but this change the behaviour on computing the parent left/right for account.account.
It's work perfectly but I prefers to wait the 9 version to propose it in oca without this hack as the 9 do not have parent on account.

Hope this can help you

2016-05-23 18:22 GMT+02:00 Sylvain LE GAL <>:
Hi John,

I implemented multi company with one chart of account in my company (GRAP). Summary :
- One "juridic" company (mother company);
- many sub companies that all share the chart of account of the mother company ;
- all the rest is distinct (product, supplier, customer are not shared)

If you're in the mother company, you have access to all the data. If you're in the child company, you access to the data of the current company.

If you're interested, you can take a look on this repository : (V7) and specially in account_fiscal_company.

Feel free to give me some feedback.

kind regards.

Sylvain LE GAL - Twitter

GRAP - Service informatique (Groupement Régional Alimentaire de Proximité)
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3 Grande rue des Feuillants, 69001 Lyon
Bureau : (+33) - Astreinte : (+33)
Member of the OCA (Odoo Community Association)

2016-05-23 17:52 GMT+02:00 Eric Caudal <>:

Hi John,
That is an interesting  idea. This should be technically possible (not sure you do not have to inhibit some rules but other than that it should be OK).
You might get some side effects though: for example all company will have exact same numbering etc. which can be confusing sometimes for reporting (In multi-company environment, I am used to one set of CoA with unique code adding a letter per company).
You will still have to set up your company properties for any company (even if you provide every time the same account).
The consolidation reporting might be difficult to read as well as you cannot identify the company from the accounts.

Let us know if you succeed!

Eric Caudal [Founder and CEO]
Skype: elico.corp. Phone: + 86 186 2136 1670 (Cell), + 86 21 6211 8017/27/37 (Office)
Elico Shanghai (Hong Kong/Shenzhen/Singapore) Odoo Gold Partner, best Odoo Partner 2014 for APAC
On 05/23/2016 11:42 PM, John Pia Jr wrote:
Hello All,

I am trying to find a way to share a SINGLE chart of accounts with multiple companies, in my multi company configuration.

Is this possible?

What are the pros and cons to doing this?

The chart of accounts that I have developed is comprehensive, and covers all the possible accounting needs across all companies.

Thank you all

John Pia Jr
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