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Re: The ethics to answer questions

cesar luis
- 05/23/2016 18:57:18

@Nhomar, creo que esta discusión se puede terminar aceptando por tu parte que a veces, respuestas como: lee el código, lee el fino manual o busca en google, no ayudan. Nadie discute acá su aporte a Odoo y a la comunidad, pero ser Humilde es una cuestion de actitud, no simplemente colocar "IMHO" al incio de cada oración.

@Nhomar, I think this discussion can end up accepting of you sometimes, answers like: read the code, read the fine manual or google searches, do not help. Nobody here discusses his contribution to Odoo and the community, but be humble is a matter of attitude, not simply put "IMHO" at the beginning of each sentence. (By Google Translator)

@Andy, Good initiative, but it is time to end this by placing conclusions or recommendations ( By Google translator again :) )

2016-05-23 1:32 GMT-05:00 Andreas Becker <>:
You are right absolutely Robert

Perhaps it is because i am a real teacher ;-) and even a certified Montessori teacher additional to my qualifications in IT.

Unity is strength and as long as exactly that unity won't come back to Odoo, Odoo won't evolve like it could as their communitymembers will not be able to evolve or get frustrated before.

Let's start to make a change! Ask another question and see what happens?

Will it get support or not? Will it get an answer which is a real answer? We will see!

Have a nice day!


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On Mon, May 23, 2016 at 1:24 PM, robert rottermann <> wrote:
I think this thread is a good one.

You tend to fight Satan with Beelzebub..

Running a community is NOT about who is MORE right.
Commenting stupid answers is equally stupid.

Drowning people in self righteous nick nack is just boring.

So do not educate people as if you where a teacher in front of an unruly bunch of 7years old ..


On 22.05.2016 10:47, Andreas Becker wrote:
Well I won a bet this morning, thanks Nhomar! - this might be one reason for that topic. But actually I had it planned before as mentioned already.


Have you ever thought why there is  all this "hate", this "bashing" against people who ask simple questions or having ideas?

Don't you actually see that you over and over again try to stop very useful initiatives!


Nhomar Hernandez wrote
- You can download your odoo's copy and run gitchangelog by yourself not rocket 
Do you know that those kind of answers are the ones which will stop people from asking questions, as they will be afraid those they will make them look stupid they will stop them from

the same applies to answers like:

- Again 
which means perhaps to the one who asked: Man you won't understand what I am talking - shut up! 
- Read the code please!

Well how often have you read this meanwhile and for sure the one who asked has already tried to read the code but wasn't able to find an answer for his solution.

If you have only Those kind of answers simply better don't answer at all, as all those kinds of answers will stop any discussion usually even before a solution might be found for the question which has been asked.

Not mentioned are comments and answers like

They are simply useless and show no respect to those who ask questions.

If you are tired to answer stupid questions or questions where you think the questioner is to lazy to use Google simply don't write an answer at all! Refrain from answering in the style mentioned above.


Instead you should show to the one who is asking that you are not a typical manager but instead a great leader.

Like Peter Ducker said: Management is doing things right but Leadership is doing the right things!

You might be a Part of i.e. your company but you are also a vital Part of the Odoo Community here on this mailinglist. This Mailinglist is another part of your Team!

A great Team leader helps his team to succeed. You have to be at the service of your team - the community - and not the other way round.

If you have read the slideshare of Fabien carefully you have probably recognised that he says at the beginning: Slide 1: Being a Team Leader at Odoo

but the last time he mentions "Team leader is on slide 4 in his 47 slide presentation! Most following slides are talking about "Managers"! - unfortunately.

Be a Team Leader and guide those who are in your team or in the Odoo Community to be even much better than you later on thanks to your great help!

Maria Montessori calls it Help to do it by myself!

In fact those Manager like types answering questions in the above mentioned style are real managers, which not seldom even can't even code simple things, but they know how to make big money with all kind of products like Odoo. They actually don't like to have competitors because they think that they will steel their jobs / projects etc.

Simply be much wiser than that. The market out there is much much bigger than you might believe it is. The more people will be fascinated from Odoo, the more people ho will be able to use it, develop in it etc - the more projects will be getting on that market.

Have a look to the success of WordPress. People know about it, People are welcome to contribute even with so called "stupid" questions. They get answers mostly right the way. Developers who already fly over the top of WordPress simply won't answer anymore those questions if they think they are better ones. Reality is different as even they will still answer.

The same you will see at Drupal, TYPO3 or the quite new ProcessWire with its very vital community! Have a look over the fences of Odoo to real Open Source Communities!

Nhomars Company has already posted their statement in another Thread and I like it - really!

For those who do not understand Spanish:

We consider the importance of respect for fundamental human rights in the execution of our actions. The practice of tolerance, understanding and mutual consideration in the context of the differences is the main ingredient in the scope of the success of this company.

Yes exactly that is really needed, but as often in reality - the reality looks different. Fabien mentions this in his slide No. 8 - 10

Slide 17 brings it to the point! Nobody is perfect!

Slide 28 Always explain the “Why” instead of assigning “What” to do.

This why is very important for the one who asks a question as otherwise he might not understand at all your answer or your motivation for those answers. Don't command - like Fabien wrote:

It's sometimes tempting to avoid long discussions, but being assertive is bad for motivation and learning.

Try to understand slide 29 

Always explain the “Why”. Communicate the big picture, even on small tasks. 
 Be sure everyone share the vision of the company and your team. 
 Reward and congrats people. Tell them how useful they are. Even for small tasks.

I think this is one of the most important points and to be honest I would feel more than happy if also Odoo S.A. would take care more about that as many still open Questions are in the Mailinglist awaiting answers especially from Odoo S.A.

try to avoid blocking words and phrases.

if you have ever worked with Hyperactive Kids and Teenagers (ADS), which applies sometimes also to people (adults) with very high blood pressure, you will realize that they only will need a "keyword" and things go wrong. Try to keep discussions up and running. Let people inspire each other. Perhaps even a new idea gets born out a very "stupid" question, which will make even your job easier.

If you think it is all common sense, than you are wrong as cultures are very different from each other. Here in our region i.e. students learn from kindergarten NOT to ask questions which the teacher might be not able to answer, Or even worse asking critical questions. In your region this might be different too.

Show respect to the one in need of an answer! It is nice to be nice and it is helpful and fruitful to get feedbacks!

I hope that in future Threads people of this mailinglist will get good answers instead of blocking comments from more or less always the same people! Thanks!

Thanks Fabien for sharing those "Manager" slides. I think Odoo would be good to get back to its former sense of community before even the splitting with Tryton was.  So called Open Source Community "Managers" and "Doers" people which are successful are often flying over the top with the years of what is really needed for the community which actually keeps their product up and running. Without that community base everyone will be loose a lot. As an example: TYPO3 suffered from this effect the past 8 years and since 2 years (since Version 7) people and more and more developers you talk to like TYPO3 again because again it is getting more and more a UNIT as one! With Odoo it would be exactly the same!


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