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POS unsaved record

Qingdao Oudu Software Co.,Ltd, Cui Jianping / Jason
- 05/23/2016 02:08:03

Hi community,


Lately we discovered a problem of missing records in the databased from POS session. I would like to know if anyone has encountered such issue and what the cause could be.


One client runs on SaaS-7 (based on 9.0c) for a newly opened restaurant. The system works well until lately it is discovered a few orders were not registered in the system. In those cases customers paid their bills and POS printed their receipts with system generated order numbers. Customers waited at tables but no meals were served. Only when they complained was it discovered their orders were not even recorded to the database. Printers at kitchen did not print out these orders, as no records were retrieved from the db (through a custom module). That is, order numbers assigned on the receipts do exist in the db. Their sequence number is skipped.


Appreciate for your inputs.





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