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Re: The ethics to answer questions

Jake Shelter
- 05/22/2016 22:15:25
Please, if you are sending unnecessary emails, this is the same you hate!
No one here is bad, everyone has an opinion.
@Odoo Moderator, Close the thread, plz.

On Mon, May 23, 2016 at 6:12 AM, Eric Caudal (Elico Corp) <> wrote:
Please stop this useless ping pong

Eric Caudal from my mobile device

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From: Nhomar Hernandez <>
Date: 2016/05/23 04:27 (GMT+08:00)
To: Community <>
Subject: Re: The ethics to answer questions

On Sun, May 22, 2016 at 3:16 PM, Mohamed Magdy <> wrote:

YES, you were on of the reasons that stopped me to develop my existing training and to create a new one and the same was with my brother. We may not professional enough and we did not / do not / will not did what you did for the community but we did new things: My training was the first in the world and my brother's theme was the first one in the community even you did not what we did.


Dude... learn how to use google....

When you created your videos there was something like 10 FREE and PAID just using google. (Without count that the official ones where 1000% better than those paid little helpers you did).

The fact that we didn't shit the list with explicit marketing because we REALLY respect the OpenSource and we do not use this channels to commercial purpose does not mea it does not exist....

I don't take me wrong... The fact that you make money is not my business... The quelity of what you do is not my business....

When you came here and say you do "community" with paid shit THERE IS MY BUSINESS.

Don't take credits for what is not true. :-)

I am really sorry with everybody.

But in my side with all the effort we put on this community see people difaming other works just because they think the have the **right** is not good.

I am really sorry.

Nhomar Hernandez
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