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Re: Variable Byproduct MRP in v9

Harry Jollenbeck
- 05/22/2016 08:07:57
Hi all,

I see no one replied to my question, I just wondered if it is because my question is too long, too complicated, or simply no one knows the solution for v9?

I will try to state my question more concisely:
Is there a way, in v9, to adjust the actual quantity of product and byproduct produced in a manufacturing order (without having to adjust the materials consumed)? i.e. not being fixed to the BOM input/output ratios.


On May 19, 2016, at 10:49 PM, Harry Jollenbeck <> wrote:

Dear community,

Can anyone suggest the best way to handle a variable output manufacturing process that includes variable byproducts in v9? To give an example:

- A soap company produces 100g soap bars

- Each soap bar contains two ingredients, lets say we have a BOM of 50g coconut oil, 50g shea butter for each soap bar.

- Lets say the company produces batches of 100kg. This in theory would create 1,000 soap boars. So they start a manufacturing order for 1000 bars = 50kg coconut oil + 50kg shea butter. They melt this down and produce the soap bars.

- Their process is not exact, so wastage and output vary on each production. There are usually three different outcomes when they run the above production:

1) They are very lucky and output is exactly 1000 perfect bars. Ok, no problem.

2) They output a total of 900 bars. 800 perfect bars. 100 ugly bars that they plan to remelt and use again on a future production. So 100 are missing because of wastage/variability.

3) They output 1050 bars, more than their ingredient input. For example, maybe there was some extra soap at the bottom of their melting tank that couldn't be removed and they did not realise until after production.

So here is the parts I'm trying to figure out how to handle:
- To add the "ugly bars" as an extra input into a production, an "ugly bar" product could be created and used as an input on the manufacturing order. But how do we output a variable number of ugly bars each time "produce" is clicked on a manufacturing order? It's possible to add a byproduct in the BOM as "fixed" or "variable", but the actual amount of byproduct cannot be adjusted on the manufacturing order from what I can see.

- In situation 2, when we have produced a total of 900 bars from the 1000 bar manufacturing order, if we only specify 900 after clicking "produce" on the manufacturing order, then the order remains open. So how do we scrap or move the remaining 100 bars worth of wastage? Is the best way to "produce" the remaining bars and then scrap them in a separate inventory step? This seems a messy solution.

- In situation 3, I suppose we can add an extra input product (similar to ugly bar situation)

- One option I have toyed with is using the Repair module to "repair" (adjust) a production run's results (i.e. by creating stock moves), but it would be much cleaner to be able to adjust exact outputs on a manufacturing order. I there a way?

Anyone experienced with this in v9?

Thank you!!!