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RE: Removing Postgres

Qingdao Oudu Software Co.,Ltd, Cui Jianping / Jason
- 05/22/2016 06:30:40

Other than removing all those stuff, check if Windows user account postgres still exists in the system. Remove it before re-installing.


Jason Cui

Qingdao Odoo Software Solutions


From: John Pia Jr []
Sent: Sunday, May 22, 2016 4:03 AM
To: Community <>
Subject: Removing Postgres


I am trying to reinstall Odoo on a webserver. 

I have uninstalled everything, deleted all registry keys, and app data, but when i go to reinstall with the All in One package, it will NOT let me installed postgres again...


This seems to be an issue with windows users (Im using windows) and i cannot find anything on how to successfully REMOVE postgres.


Any help?


Thanks in advanced 



John Pia Jr

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