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Re: implementing - gitchangelog to odoo and its modules

Vauxoo S.A. de C.V., Nhomar Hernandez
- 05/22/2016 05:11:25

On Sun, May 22, 2016 at 3:42 AM, Andreas Becker <> wrote:
Please don't try to stop again initiatives before they even were able to evolve. Thanks!

I am not stopping anything, 

When you receive answers against an idea you have 2 options "Do it in your way" or "Take the advice".... That's it I am not holding anybody hands.

If you propose a thesis based on incorrect hypothesis (Incorrect in My opinion) Then I say it....

Did I miss something, or are you complaining of me because I deviate main threads with my opinions? <<< Sounds likely to you?

BTW in the first stament you mention things as "New Ideas" I am telling you "You have them already" .... is not good enough?

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