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Re: Odoo: Understand Culture & Management

- 05/21/2016 17:04:45
On Sa, 2016-05-21 at 18:56 +0000, Nhomar Hernandez wrote:
> It is done already. this:
> and all related links are being built from the source code.
> I just built the Spanish translation for our internal usage from source code pure sphinx.
> The docstring i ffor the ORM only, the modules are more functionally programmed, then read the code is the best way
> when not documented
> -- 
> Nhomar Hernandez

Well ok and thanks for the link :).

Unfortunately that are just the basics.
There are still many other things who are not documentated in this way (using sphinx),
for example the message subscripe method in the mail.thread model or the track_visibility attributes.
Showing those things too would make it easier for developers to learn how to do things with odoo.

If there are no new (skilled) programmers, a open source community cannot evolve.