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Re: Odoo: Understand Culture & Management

redCOR AG, robert rottermann
- 05/21/2016 07:22:38

please understand all my comments as well meant. Even the sarcastic ones ..

The below list you provided perfectly illustrates what gives me that 
uneasy feeling that developers are more a tolerated disturbance than a 
welcomed and wholeheartedly embraced core element of odoo.
Only the last point WOULD address some of the developers needs. My 
concerns with it I add below it.

I have been doing open source for some 20 years now. I have been an avid 
contributor in a number of successful and doomed projects alike and 
believe that I understand the mechanics that make OS thrive.
The two most important are:
- A benevolent dictator that steers the general direction. For this I 
hail odoo sa
- Equally important is a well integrated community of developers. Which 
I fell is lacking in odoos case.

Failing to build any of these two as strong and somehow equal partners 
is a formula for disaster.
Attribute it to my lack of odoo experience, but I do not recall to have 
read communications from odoo sa that made me felt welcome and supported 
AS A DEVELOPER. And I for sure have the impression, that asking for help 
with non trivial technical questions borders to useless.

On 20.05.2016 17:16, Fabien Pinckaers wrote:

The following is mostly enduser and sales oriented:
> List of projects we do to train and educate:
> - A lot of documentation (both developer and functional) (*)
> - We often share documents on any topic (business, competitors, 
> features, etc.):
> - We organize free webinars every week. (some for partners, others are 
> public):
> - When launching big features, we do a tour worldwide in >10 cities, 
> e.g.:
> - Partners get a free access to the sales academy in Belgium (one week 
> full training)
> - In addition to regular events/meetups, once a year, we do 180 free 
> conferences during Odoo Experience
> - We help new visitors through the live chat on our website
The following tends to be implementor oriented:
> - We have setup great community tools: mailing lists, forum, 
> transifex, ...
Finally something purely for developers:
> - We wrote a New API to ease developers on boarding and experience.
Thank you for this. I really appreciate it.
I wish very much that you also provide documentation for it and good 
samples how to migrate from one to the other.
I can assure you, that up to now the actual documentation was a huge 
source of frustration. Just this week one of my office colleagues who 
tried to learn how to create a web site creator snippet gave up in 
frustration. The documentation is just wrong ..
And I learned myself that the JavaScript API documentation  is mostly V8 
based and of little value for V9. Unless, of course you know what has 
changed between v8 and v9. For which I found no documentation at all..
> For sure, we can do more. But I don't understand why you have the 
> feeling that we try to not educate people. We actually try very hard 
> to educate and inform developers and users; But Odoo is huge and 
> evolving very quickly, so it's not easy. So, for sure, we can probably 
> do more.
Since odoo is huge and is evolving quickly i feel the developer 
community should be involved much better/closer.
I myself (and my people) will gladly help. But you have to take the 
lead. By helping to organize things and by providing the base 
information needed to bootstrap the process.
Grepping the source should be only a last resort.