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Re: Odoo: Understand Culture & Management

redCOR AG, robert rottermann
- 05/20/2016 18:06:14
thanks for your reply.
I was the stark contrast of my experience (or rather want of it) with odoo sa that provoked my answer.
And as the slides rightly state it is not making mistakes that is bad but rather unwillingness to learn from them.

On 20.05.2016 17:16, Fabien Pinckaers wrote:

There seems to be missing a chapter that explains why it is bad to answer questions or cooperating with the community when shaping core or future of odoo.

Sorry, I don't get your point?
I decided to bet my companies future heavily on odoo a year a go.  We are a bunch seasoned python developers so we got a lot of questions. Nearly none of them have been answered...
I became a partner end of last year. I hoped (in vain) that this would improve this frustrating situation.
I have yet to talk with my "account manager". A number of calls have been promised, none of them performed ..
I have been talking to a number of my colleagues ( most of them gold partners) and all of them said this is standard behavior and I should not expect anything else.
The slides talk about excellency. A strange way to execute it ..
We try to share a maximum (although we can certainly do more) and explain things we do. As an example, yesterday, we had a partner meeting with partners to discuss about the strategy, roadmap, business, etc. (you should have participated by the way)
I only learned about the event last week (no idea why) and tried hard to come but could not make it.
As I did not have the possibility to express my views yesterday I am happy that your mail gave me a chance to deposit my concerns.

Can you send me example of issues you have had in private:
Thanks for the offer.
I have no more issues than already expressed.

And when you add this chapter it might include explanations why odoo should avoid to train and educate the developer "out there" on a constant base and why it is evil to give the the impression that they are an important and respected part of odoo.

List of projects we do to train and educate:

- A lot of documentation (both developer and functional) (*)
- We often share documents on any topic (business, competitors, features, etc.):
- We organize free webinars every week. (some for partners, others are public):
- When launching big features, we do a tour worldwide in >10 cities, e.g.:
- Partners get a free access to the sales academy in Belgium (one week full training)
- In addition to regular events/meetups, once a year, we do 180 free conferences during Odoo Experience
- We help new visitors through the live chat on our website
- We have setup great community tools: mailing lists, forum, transifex, ...
- We wrote a New API to ease developers on boarding and experience

For sure, we can do more. But I don't understand why you have the feeling that we try to not educate people. We actually try very hard to educate and inform developers and users; But Odoo is huge and evolving very quickly, so it's not easy. So, for sure, we can probably do more.
To clarify my concerns  I repeat parts of a replay of mine to a controversy of some days ago:
    do you fell, that odoo sports a good, communicative community of
    developers ? Is this group well integrated into the upgrading and
    developing of new odoo features by odoo sa?

    I myself decided to start using odoo as one of the tools i want to
    focus my company on.

    V8 was still actual when we started but v9 was about to be released
    so we only ever worked with v9.

    Now I wanted  to  be a good citizen and help updating the modules we
    needed from v8 to v9 (and learning odoo  doing so).

    To be able to do this I needed to know what is the difference
    between v8 and v9. So I googled for this information, I asked a good
    number of questions on the community mailing list ..
    I do not need to tell you how much I found. You know it!
    Nada, niente, nichts!
    And I did get no answers.

    It was only when I attended the sorrento sprint that I had the good
    luck to work with somebody that showed me how to do it (grepping the
    Do you really believe that this is a sound way to propagate a set
    of tools as powerful and complex as odoo?

(*) yesterday we improved the global navigation of the documentations, check on the website: