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Re: request from central Europe

Andi Becker
- 05/20/2016 07:55:59
I love your jokes Zahid!

As you know what you call flooding is only a summary of what you can find on several places on (copy/paste) - and we provide a lot of Training by the way! - We try to help customers to make their own decisions after they have experienced i.e. Odoo Community Version, we usually use also other Products too by the way.

We often use also for training purposes, comes in quite handy for learning more about the core features and what is already included in their base package. Of course only in the trial Periode. For others and those who like to train longer time than the trial periods we setup their own sites on their computers, servers or on our spaces.

by the way as far as I remember I posted only on 2 topics today and not every Post on this Mailing list. Please correct me if I am wrong! haha. 

Have a nice Visaha Bucha day and enjoy your weekend,