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Re: request from central Europe

Same Motion S.A.C, Carlos Rodriguez
- 05/19/2016 12:33:25
Hello Pavel,

I am more with Fabien's advice, we are also partners but for LA and we encourage our customers to have Odoo online using the SaaS of Odoo (sorry for the redundancy), Servers of Odoo are 99.9% uptime and are managed by a third party that ensures this and all the security as well.

Question for Andi. Can you please point us your source for saying that the data is Shared on Odoo servers? (this comment means that all data on Odoo server is of public access and there is zero privacy), if this is true then we are at a great risk.

How are your servers better than Odoo servers? How the data are NOT shared with yours?

Also, you talk about "your data is safe in your hands all the time", you truly believe that a company that is looking for saving money and expenses is able to invest in all the IT structure in order to guarantee the security.
I mean:
- Servers. (one online, one for backup)
- RAID Disks.
- Firewall.
- Antivirus.
- Perimeter Security.
- Air Conditioner and temperature control.
- VPN.
- Server Closets and other equipment to correctly install this.

Multiply this x 2, because security means SECURITY and by that it means if a natural disaster, fire, flood, etc, happens you have everything else in a mirror configuration somewhere in the other side of the world.


2016-05-19 8:56 GMT-05:00 Andreas Becker <>:
Hello Pavel

Or you are using the community edition which is free too but comes with lots of benefits .
Especially for smaller SMEs the Community Edition is great way to go - especially when using a company/agency who provides you also a hosting space for your Odoo installation.

Your data won't be shared and you could have even your own hosting space.

Odoo Community is a great way to go and much more flexible than the online solution of Odoo. Also your data is safe in your hands all the time - no phoning home, no solicited mails etc and your Odoo installation will be extensible to whatever it should be lateron. Depending on the market and its restrictions (laws) you want to focus on and where the companies you were talking are located. the Odoo Community Edition can be adjusted just to their needs.

if you have further questions contact us. Our servers are also in Germany.



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On Thu, May 19, 2016 at 3:48 PM, Fabien Pinckaers <> wrote:

For small / young companies (<20 users), we highly recommend to use Odoo Online. It works out-of-the-box and usually lead to a cheaper price as the service is included: unlimited support, low-cost implementation service, etc.

Project managers and business analyst for Odoo Online work remotely. You can check the price of a full project, based on the scope (apps & users) here:

Note that there is a also a free offer, for single apps usage. It's probably the fastest way to start with Odoo.



On Thu, May 19, 2016 at 8:37 AM, Pavel Curda <> wrote:


I am looking for a ODOO partner in Europe.   I am working with a couple of young, but growing companies from central and eastern Europe ....  they are looking for smart but not too costly,  something better than Salesforce.   ODOO? 

Who should I team up with? 

Pavel Curda
Hustler & Connectgor & Writer 

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