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initOS GmbH, Torsten Francke
- 05/18/2016 11:39:01
Dear community,

we did a latest update on besides some bugfixing on
our crowler (that miss some branches on indexing).
The many changes is to the "installable"-Flag on modul-manifest. OCA and
some other decide to keep unported modules in higher branch and only
change the installable flag to False. The result was, that we list all
unported modules as well but they are not installable.
Regarding to some feedback we decide to filter the result to only
installable modules.

depends:sale version:9.0 version%3A9.0~~{}

If you want to see also all modules including unported, you can add the
"installable:$exists" option. So the last command goes to:

depends:sale version:9.0 installable:$exists version%3A9.0 installable%3A$exists~~{}

Hope to provide a better user experience for you.

Kind Regards


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