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[Odoo 9] Business Problem: Invoice Control moved from SO/PO to Product Variant level

XPANSA, Oleg Kuryan - Chief Technical Officer, Xpansa Group
- 05/18/2016 08:35:56
Dear Community,

I already discussed with Odoo Support widely point on why Invoice Control selection was moved from Sales Order/Purchase Order levels to product variants level. The idea is that it is not corresponding to customer business needs. And they say that for now there is no good way to close described below customer case. So want to bring up this point to anybody who might already faced this. Maybe you have good workaround/solution for this?

SO let's give an example. For understanding definitions are:
Client = person who is using Odoo
Customer = person who is buying from Client

Real life business case is:
1) Client is creating Sales Order for his Customer. This Client has default agreement with him about when invoice is provided (after delivery/before delivery). 
2) So Client when selecting Customer expects that invoice control will be set on level of sales order and taken from Customer configuration (in res.partner model)
3) Also sometimes for same Customer, but for different Sales Orders Client would like to define Invoice Control different from default. For example Customer is ordering large amount of products and to be on safe side Customer want to wait for invoice to be paid before, until delivery order for Warehouse is created.

The same is valid for Purchase Order part also.

Now we can define Invoice Control only on level of product variant. So business need of customer is not closed.

Maybe it will be just wise to say  - just always use flow that creates Delivery Order/Incoming Shipment after confirming SO/PO? But problem here is that there will be redundant warehouse operations created that might be cancelled as result. 
Or , if warehouse manager is not knowing some details, he might deliver products that will be never paid. Client will loose money. In fact, in this case using Odoo is not much different from using Excel spreadsheet because it is not helping in smart decisions.

Any ideas? I opened to any suggestions (custom made modules, alternative flows for customer). 


Best Regards,
Oleg Kuryan

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