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Issue with Online Event Registration Form

The Vape Bar, Fash Fadaei
- 05/18/2016 03:33:36

Greetings Community, I really hope you can help with this.  I am using Odoo 9 onsite in multi-database mode – with domain filtering on.  I have one database on the server that is enterprise, and several on community.  The domain I am working in is community version.


The problem I am having is related to the online events module, specifically the registration form, which is no longer showing up in any of the events I have created.  Instead, I am now getting the following text in place of the ticket selection form that used to be there :       scription"/>


n  To see the issue for yourself, visit:





I have spent quite a bit of time creating events and adding content to the events in my database, so I hope I have not lost anything and I do not want to do anything that will cause it to be lost. 


What could be causeing this problem? Would it help to reinstall the online events module? Would that remove my data?  I am so worried because the registration is active and I have a lot of customers complaining that they cannot register online.  Please help!!!







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