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RE: Handling US/Canada taxes in POS

Fabrice Henrion (fhe)
- 05/17/2016 15:21:03

This is not correct since fiscal positions are defined at the POS station level (v9), and/or since the customers fiscal position are loaded in the POS (saas-10).


As a note, we are talking about a quite particular case in this review, the case where you would want to sell through a POS interface and apply a different tax for each person separately (instead of the tax of the location of your store). Most of the time, if you have a store in the US, you have to tax according to where you are located (at least as far as the location-based tax is concerned). The reason why you would do it differently is for example if you take an order through your POS and that the shipping and payment happen at a different time. That would mean that you are pretty much using a POS interface for a sale that is not an over-the-counter sale. This is a typical behavior of users who believe that a POS is an ERP because they were constrained to work like this in the past.

If you are in a situation where a sale, a payment, and the shipment do not happen at the same time, use Odoo Sales (or Odoo Ecommerce).



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Reading this review 

"Odoo POS can not handle taxes in Canada or the USA properly. The Odoo POS system is only capable of charging the local taxes. Sale shipped out of state or province with different tax rates can not be processed in the Odoo POS without the wrong tax being charged. Their solution is to create new databases for each state and province with unique SKU's and Barcodes and have staff log in to a different database when shipping any place that has a different tax"




Is this correct statement?

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