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RE: Odoo required server configuration

IBS Group
- 05/17/2016 09:02:53

According to odoo, the following configuration is theoretically sufficient for up to 100 users.

-          2.5Ghz 6 Core processor

-          32 GB RAM


However, when it comes to scalability it is best to do actual benchmarking or use previous experiences to architect a good infrastructure.


The main bottleneck of odoo is the database server, especially deadlocks. In my experience when handling high traffic web applications, you have to:


-          Find bottlenecks and optimize them

-          Implement batching operations

-          Implement load balancing ( nginx )

-          Put the database server in a separate dedicated machine

-          Use SSD storage

-          Database server tuning

-          Keep a close eye on application/database log files


Lastly, since odoo is a very dynamic solution, 1 spec might work for a specific configuration but might not be enough for another, it depends on how many modules are implemented.


Good luck.


Karim Boukabbouz

Chief Technical Officer

IBS North Africa –

+212 666 048 931



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Subject: Odoo required server configuration


Hello dear community,

We have one potential customer who has 500 users.
According to your experience, what should be the required server configuration for such a  number of users.

Best regards,


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