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Re: Bounce mail handling in odoo

MICROCOM, Martin Malorni
- 05/13/2016 16:38:35
Hi Jos,
We had the same issue of un-handled emails as well. The cause though was that clients were answering with an old version of a mail client that didn’t handle References and In-Reply-To headers.
From what we can see, Odoo stores the reference to the original Object in the References header. Oder systems were putting the reference in the email body or in the title (asking clients not to delete them).
Maybe it is the same issue with your bounce email reply. Maybe it doesn’t keep the References tag in the header and Odoo doesn’t know what to do with the email.

The only option we can think of was to monitor the inbox (which should not have emails older than the frequency the Odoo process scans it).
We didn’t see any log errors in our case but maybe you can monitor those entries and warn administrators of the issue.

Martin Malorni

From: Jos De Graeve <>
Reply-To: "Odoo S.A. Community" <>
Date: Friday, May 13, 2016 at 13:02
To: Community <>
Subject: Bounce mail handling in odoo


I have an issue with the way odoo is _not_ handling bounce messages.  The problem with this is that, when a user uses odoo to send email, there is no way the user gets notified when there is a problem with his message.  This can be problematic, for instance, if the users sends an important quotation to a customer, or an important purchase order to a supplier.

Imho, i have everything configured like it should be, because when a bounce message arrives, i get proper log entries:

=> with mass_mailing installed
2016-05-13 15:27:32,721 7240 INFO XXXX openerp.addons.mass_mailing.models.mail_thread: Routing mail from (Mail Delivery System) to with Message-Id <>: bounced mail from mail 753, model: None, thread_id: False

=> without mass_mailing installed
2016-05-13 15:59:22,370 8420 INFO XXXX openerp.addons.mail.mail_thread: Not routing bounce email from (Mail Delivery System) to with Message-Id <>

Further complicating the issue, the received bounce mail leaves no trace at all in odoo ( other than the log message ).  Having the option "save original message" has no effect on this.

How can i get odoo to properly handle bounce messages ?

Because the odoo email system has been designed as a kind of mailing list this is a quite hard problem. Mailing lists usually don't notify senders of bounced email.  First of all, routing the bounce message into the original thread is a bad idea, because this might trigger yet another bounce message resulting in a loop.

With the mass mailing module installed, odoo generates a unique bounce address for each message.  As such it should be possible to mark a certain message as "bounced", so the user can then investigate further.  Is someone working on something like this ?

Any other ideas ?


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