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Bounce mail handling in odoo

Apertoso, Jos De Graeve
- 05/13/2016 12:58:17

I have an issue with the way odoo is _not_ handling bounce messages.  The problem with this is that, when a user uses odoo to send email, there is no way the user gets notified when there is a problem with his message.  This can be problematic, for instance, if the users sends an important quotation to a customer, or an important purchase order to a supplier.

Imho, i have everything configured like it should be, because when a bounce message arrives, i get proper log entries:

=> with mass_mailing installed
2016-05-13 15:27:32,721 7240 INFO XXXX openerp.addons.mass_mailing.models.mail_thread: Routing mail from (Mail Delivery System) to with Message-Id <>: bounced mail from mail 753, model: None, thread_id: False

=> without mass_mailing installed
2016-05-13 15:59:22,370 8420 INFO XXXX openerp.addons.mail.mail_thread: Not routing bounce email from (Mail Delivery System) to with Message-Id <>

Further complicating the issue, the received bounce mail leaves no trace at all in odoo ( other than the log message ).  Having the option "save original message" has no effect on this.

How can i get odoo to properly handle bounce messages ?

Because the odoo email system has been designed as a kind of mailing list this is a quite hard problem. Mailing lists usually don't notify senders of bounced email.  First of all, routing the bounce message into the original thread is a bad idea, because this might trigger yet another bounce message resulting in a loop.

With the mass mailing module installed, odoo generates a unique bounce address for each message.  As such it should be possible to mark a certain message as "bounced", so the user can then investigate further.  Is someone working on something like this ?

Any other ideas ?


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