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Re: Deposit or advance payment registered on sale order

- 05/13/2016 05:23:19
Thank you Leatitia for your answer. The module seems great and useful.
However it is still based on an advance invoice.
We would like to register deposit payment without invoicing it.

Le 09/05/16 09:57, Gangloff, Laetitia a écrit :
Hello Gabriel,

maybe, can you check this (PR on V8) module :


2016-05-07 16:42 GMT+02:00 Gabriel Gamblin <>:
Hello all,

We are having the following payment and invoicing process:
- the customer make a deposit payment (arrhes in french) to confirm the
sale order.
- the sale order is printed with the deposit amount and given to the
- the order is processed by purchasing or manufacturing.
- the day before delivery the order is invoiced, invoice is printed with
the balance taking into account the deposit already given
- the last payment is done with the order delivery

In odoo this use case, which I think is quite common at least in France,
does not seems to be handled.
What I have seen possible in Odoo is:
- register a customer payment: long and complicated, need to go in
accounting, create a payment, look for the customer then it needs to
reconcile the payment with the invoice...
- invoicing at the order confirmation (down payment or invoiceable
lines) and then register deposit payment will generate taxes records

Please could you tell me if I missed something. How are you handling
such scenario?
Otherwise could you confirm nothing as such already exist.

We are using v9 but addons for other versions can still be a good start.

Thanks for reading,


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