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Re: Manufacture with variable output

JARSA Sistemas, S.A. de C.V., Jesús Alan Ramos Rodríguez
- 05/12/2016 20:18:56
Thanks for your answers, 

Ana, do you have more information about "inverse order", I can help to develop it if you have something.

Carlos, the customer is already doing it in the way you propose. 

When I manually modify the wizard I get the consumed  an produced products duplicated(attached a screenshot). And also I don't have the option to change byproducts quantity, I don't know how can I see the o2m field of subproduct. Did I miss something?


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2016-05-12 19:02 GMT-05:00 Nhomar Hernandez <>:

On Thu, May 12, 2016 at 6:32 PM, Ana Juaristi <> wrote:

The "inverse order" covers it. Its very easy module to be developed but I think noone has started to work on it yet.


You can set manually either the input quantity and the output quantity just using the wizard and the o2m field on subproduct but maybe I miss some point that you see and I am not..

And for the BOM you can set a BOM with 1 in the quantity per line.

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