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Re: Should Odoo keep the old API for v10?

Andi Becker
- 05/12/2016 09:30:22
Humberto for your clear statements about your company. Why do you harm it with such unqualified stuff?

robert just nailed the main problem!

"I do not need to tell you how much I found. You know it!
Nada, niente, nichts!
And I did get no answers."

This is one reason it is much easier to take the odoo essentials and now odoo developer cookbook than waiting for a solution or even much better promiting Odoo development with a very good Indian company which is really adicted to open source and which I can recommend before any other.

Sorry with TYPO3 we tried to avoid indian companies - to many and to many with no TYpO 3 know how.

We actually started working with our devs in Peru, Ecuador and Columbia.

But since Odoo 8 we have to admit that our focus and opinion has just been reversed. Even their are lots of Odoo sites in LA we realized that most are terribly old. Totally different here in SEA and India where installations of Odoo seem to have been much better maintained and are uptodate.

If we have questions concerning Odoo 9 we only get answers here as even in Europe the knowhow seems nit so far or tge devs not so willing to contribute their knowhow to the community.

The license switch to LGPL gave the community the rest as more and mire stuff is no more available like it was when Odoo was still AGPL.

We constantly/ daily check what is going on in github and other repositories and what we realized is the move against AGPL towards GPL actually. Even Odoo 9 modules have benn released first with LGPL many meanwhile switched to use GPL.

Good for them and good for their customers. Some of their customers simply don't allow to share the code like it was obligatory when Odoo was still AGPL.

Only this way i. e. Odoo Cloud providers can secure their benefits and be niw ahead again of even the Odoo S.A. Version. You won't have a chance to get their code easily nor their ideas.

Things have changed a lot since Odoo 9 has been no more under AGPL.

If you want to revive the community like it was when Odoo wa still Version7 than bring back what is needed for this. Fight for it! Don't block it! Be a pain in the Ass perhaps and even get blocked - than simply write an article publish it in several namely dev spots and magazines or spaces like the GLG.

Those are the places which get read by also more customers and of course those who hate Odoo and who are competitors.

Mention the problem on those surveys published by Odoo S.A.
( if you can as ofteb they allow only Odoo friendly posts ;/)

Is this the way you want?
I guess No!

Much better would be a link to a tutorial space where developers could get the answers for their questions 
a community which simply would answer friendly a question at first place than waiting until the fire gets extinguished.

Without people who bring up uncomfortable things Odoo would not be where it is right now.

A real Open Source Community take i.e Drupal or TYPO3 are led by a company like Odoo is a company - but thtas it as between the Odoo S.a. company and those of Drupal and TYPO3 is a major difference.

While Odoo S.a. only talks about being addicted to Open Source and its community. Those others integrate the complete community in the development. Their source is real open and free ( not as free beer ) and everybody can contribute.

While they answer questions more or less immediately Odoo S.A. seems to hope that one of those 4-5 constantly "blocking - or lets say havenly braking" people will be able to slow down the process as it has meanwhile been verified by Huberto.

this is sad and it was for sure no joke.
By the way we are not paid by anybody than ourselves. We have aclear understanding and vision how Odoo coud get lots of funding which is actually needed to bring the community up again to what it was before with lots of useful, maintained and constantly contributed and migrated community modules.

The New API only will
never release those resources but an Odoo 10 on Python 3 dev Version of the Core and the modules mentioned would give The Open Source Community if Odoo the nevessary financial funding, energy and of course lots of much more resources, especially here in South East Asia and India/ Pakistan/ Afghanistan etc.

Give it a try and you will see the change!

On May 12, 2016, at 19:17, Nhomar Hernandez <> wrote:

On Thu, May 12, 2016 at 1:26 AM, robert rottermann <> wrote:

I do not think Andi is an asshole. A pain in the ass yes.
But probably a needed one.

NAh! I do not need an Asshole evaluating how I contribute to the world, and really that spread FUD with no reason, and not giving nothing back.

Communities are their individuals not entities agnostic to the people itself.

For me, this guy is paid for somebody from other competitors that's it, He can not be sarious.

The recipe for him "VAlium!"

For me blocked that's it.

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