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Re: Should Odoo keep the old API for v10?

Andi Becker
- 05/12/2016 05:47:14

Thanks Ermin for your explanations:

So what is the timeframe and the roadmap with milestones for Odoo running Python version 3.

Why do you not answer simple the question which has been pisted in this thread first by Mister Rottermann. Instead it looks like that all those who complain about Python 3 Odoo that they don't want answe to this question.

You are also absolutly right that customers are looking usually for a vertical solution with some often quite specific changes. This is also our experience why we focus in providing easy to handle package solutions which lateron can be also easily be maintained and updated to future versions.

Respect would be at first place to answer simple questions concerning the roadmap and timeframe for an Odoo Version running on Python 3.

Well expell if you like than we need to discuss this matter publicly instead of the mailinglist as at least our customersand As you could read here already also others like to get a clear answer to this important question before they will decide if they invest again or at all in Odoo. No one is interested in a product which gets just deprecated just after you have got it!

Again answer the question to stop that people adk for an answer!

Simply try it!

By the way we run als Servers at Hetzner and all of them run with Postgres and Ubuntu 14.04 and Odoo 9 without any problems. We have people who know to manage a dedicadedserver or cloudserver since 2002 and have a look for what customers we provided that service already often for many years until they were able to manage many things by themselves as we provide training to our customers too. Help to do it myself - Concerning the German translation there is only a problem if you are using the Odoo S.a Version perhaps you should switch to use the one from which is properly translated and gets constantly updated and improved ;-)

By the way an Open Source community needs people like you who are no developers but perhaps can help to sell a product like Odoo and it needs developers who write code others for testing and giving feedback and it needs trainers which train developers and/or customers. You will find a lot of people in that community which won't be able to write a single line of code and you will find some who can write a lot of code which is useless for customers or not userfriendly. For customers important is absutly not the single line but a project manager who fights for their interests and who has great connections and does a pre evaluation if the dev is writing nice or not so nice code ;-)

Our typical customer wants to have a product he can easily learn how to manage things by himselves and/or with professional guidance.

They are NGOs ( in the past years we worked for i. e. Unesco, East West Center and others migrating their sites and doing lots of other stuff for them )

They are usual business customers like one of the bigest dive center providers from Europe. but also lots of smaller businesses which are currently watching what's going on with Odoo and Python 3 before they will make their decision to use Odoo with its websitebuilder for future projects instead to have several applications to do their necessary administrative jobs. Also at least about 400 churches are looking towards the answer to the question - when will be Odoo running on Python3 be available in a dev version so their developers can migrate and develop modules for it. Some Lions and other clubs are also quite interested to get an answer. In most of those churches and Lions Clubs are sitting lots of business people who also would like to get such a combined solution for their other businesses.

Please Fabienne what is the timeframe and when will be a first Odoo core Version on Python 3 be released and under what license will it be released? Thanks - Looking forward for that answer

Right now we only want an answer to the question Mister Rottermann has posted. Thanks for understanding!

On May 12, 2016, at 13:57, Ermin Trevisan <> wrote:

1. During evolution of mankind a concept became successful, the concept
of "Community". A basic principle of "Community" is to give AND take.
Communities need and try to expell members, which do not respect this
basic principle in order to be successful.
A proper balance of give and take creates respect and respect is
necessary in order gain influence in the community. Respect is also owed
to the contributors to the community.
Open Source is based on and relies on the community principle.
I could not find a single line of code provided to the community from
Andi, I could not find a single translated word from Andi, the time it
needs to write one of his endless posts is sufficient to translate a
complete module. I do not remember having Andi seen in Odoo's help forum
providing support to others.

2. I'm not a developer, but I do understand that migrations such as
Python 3 are necessary, it is a question of priority, timeframe and
efforts needed. I'm very sure that everybody in the community is aware
of that and the discussion started already long time ago before Andi
jumped on the bandwagon. So there is no need to endlessly beat a dead horse.

3. In order to stress his own agenda and priorities, Andi seems to me
pretending an image of Odoo customers, which is more than strange to me,
atleast I have never found such a customer.
According to Andi's posts, the typical Odoo customer:
- urgently needs Hetzner Hosting (and therefore can not use Postgres)
- is dependent on Python 3 in order to avoid bankruptcy of his business
- will depend on any other technical preliminaries, which will come up
at any time.

My typical customer is looking for an attractive, affordable and usable
360° business vertical solution which helps him improve his business
competitiveness. My customer does not ask for Python 3, but he asks for
example if it is possible to change side dishes on the fly in the
restaurant POS, because this is a necessity for his business.

Just my 2cents, but enough said, sorry for this long post....

On 12.05.2016 07:12, robert rottermann wrote:
> On 12.05.2016 00:42, Nhomar Hernandez wrote:
>> On Wed, May 11, 2016 at 4:57 PM, Graeme Gellatly
>> > <>> wrote:
>>     Generally it is larger integrators and developers with larger
>>     customers funding those who don't want to pay for anything.  Their
>>     migration timelines are naturally slower than the little free
>>     bunch who want everything for nothing yesterday.  If there are
>>     modules you need migrated, either fund it or do it.  Complaining
>>     is pointless.
> I do not like to read the andis longish rants very much.
> But nevertheless i believe the above is a stupid, community unfriendly
> argumentation that goes very much against the gist of open source.
> I am still a freshman so my impression might be due to my ignorance. But
> I fail to find a strong community of  developers that together with a
> "benevolent dictator" (aka fabien/odoo sa) analyzes the needs of the
> market and *collectively *create the needed tools.
> It is an ESSENTIAL part of the open source philosophy, that you can
> benefit from its wealth WITHOUT contributing to it.
> This said, I believe that the andis of this world are an important part
> of both  the OO- and the odoo-community.
> robert
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