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Re: Should Odoo keep the old API for v10?

Open For Small Business Ltd, Graeme Gellatly
- 05/12/2016 02:38:16
I do work on all versions, well as time permits, which is not much these days.  But I am flattered, always nice to have a German, violin playing, stalker.

The effort for OCA in python 3 is actually negligible for standard modules.  Its pretty rare to do integer division, I can't think of a single case in OCA, and 90% of the time strings are strings.  That covers most of the manual work, although I suppose if they treated Odoo core like an unmigrated dependency then they could enforce python 3 compatibility now.  They already enforce some Python 3 idioms in their guidelines so a lot of it will be ready to go with no effort.  Maybe for V10 that is a good idea, maybe not.  As always I leave those decisions to the people who do the work. 

So as you accuse OCA (which is really just accusing volunteers) of blocking, I hope you see they have nothing to block.  You could even fund modules today specifying Python 3 compatibility and it could be done.  For OCA python 3 migration is fairly trivial except for a couple of key repos.

It just needs the core which is nothing to do with OCA and a much bigger effort as there are some dependencies in there which will never be migrated so requires rearchitecting.  And to do that you need lots of good unit tests.  I doubt you have ever looked at the current ones, but the coverage is poor only testing the most obvious.

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On Wed, May 11, 2016 at 4:57 PM, Graeme Gellatly <> wrote:
Generally it is larger integrators and developers with larger customers funding those who don't want to pay for anything.  Their migration timelines are naturally slower than the little free bunch who want everything for nothing yesterday.  If there are modules you need migrated, either fund it or do it.  Complaining is pointless.

I do not like to read the andis longish rants very much.
But nevertheless i believe the above is a stupid, community unfriendly argumentation that goes very much against the gist of open source.
I am still a freshman so my impression might be due to my ignorance. But I fail to find a strong community of  developers that together with a "benevolent dictator" (aka fabien/odoo sa) analyzes the needs of the market and collectively create the needed tools.
It is an ESSENTIAL part of the open source philosophy, that you can benefit from its wealth WITHOUT contributing to it.

This said, I believe that the andis of this world are an important part of both  the OO- and the odoo-community.


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