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Re: Should Odoo keep the old API for v10?

Andi Becker
- 05/12/2016 00:56:12
Nhomar we use the Odoo Core and it gives us much more than most customers would need to get their things done. The rest gets integrated with a view for the future of Odoo and of course with view on the real customer needs.

The fact that most OCA modules have not been updated until now shows how much customers actually need from it and how much of it is more or less waste but useful waste as it could inspire others to create their own customizations i.e. under LGPL - that is the main culprit why you won't see much anymore as people are simply using other licenses meanwhile than AGPL - unfortunately! Our customers like to get their stuff as GPL i.e. GPL works fine since Odoo is no more AGPL in Version 9 and stuff does not have to be shared anymore.

By the way it is up to the customer what he shares and what not, so please contact them if you find something what you like or dislike.

Nhomar why do you verify that your products are "shit" here on the mailing list? 

We actually use Odoo 9 and this isn't shit at all and I suggest you start updating your customers sites, than you can see and experience it yourself. It comes with the new API and you can therefore also migrate all your old API modules easily and of course test them as you want without the need of an Odoo 10 version.

Odoo is a great solution and it is getting better every day if you check and update your site regularly. we do this also for our customers. Keeping updated is very important for them. A switch from an updated site is much easier to accomplish than from an outdated and deprecated old API site running Version 7 or lower.

Graeme you are now in New Zealand and simply have a look yourself to your git repository and the versions showing up there. It says mostly Version 7 ;-)

And this exactly is the main problem mentioned already. There are some developers - they mostly appear here in trying to stop Threads which propose progress - actually mostly always those few same ones.

Let's say it with numbers.

You want to have funding? I guess so!

Release an Odoo Core with Python 3 which includes the following modules

at least:
website builder

no need of accounting right now and no need of fleet or even mrp.

And you will get funding a lot!

If you don't believe it simply release the development Version of an Odoo 10 Core running entirely on Python 3 and you will see it! People and Companies will invest in that as they are already waiting for it since very long time.

Again asked!

What is the timeframe for Odoo with Python 3?
What is the roadmap and what are the milestones to achieve that goal?
Where can we check out a first developer Version of Odoo running on Python 10 as this is necessary to mobilize and get actually the funding!

Simply answer those questions as this has been asked many times already since years. If you can't answer it simply ask Odoo S.A. to present an answer. Simply give people that answer and for sure with that answer they will then decide to move, to shut up, to raise funding for further development or simply they would present their contributions to be added to the core. It is up to Odoo S.A. to integrate Community development again into their plan to move Odoo 10 to Python 3 and of course it might be a license problem - which IMHO could be solved quite easily! 

Go back to AGPL as than also their would be again much more interest to contribute to those OCA modules for companies as there would be no other way around it like it is the case right now where new stuff gets published as GPL or LGPL and nobody knows about it as nobody has to offer it to the public ;-)

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On Thu, May 12, 2016 at 9:47 AM, Nhomar Hernandez <> wrote:

On Wed, May 11, 2016 at 8:32 PM, Andi <> wrote:
Don't blow up Odoo with your deprecated stuff which your customers don't want to get migrated anymore.

You should stop to use our shit then and build your own.

Seriously the kind of people like you is the one that damage the opensource world.... I am sorry for you.

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