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Re: Should Odoo keep the old API for v10?

Open For Small Business Ltd, Graeme Gellatly
- 05/11/2016 17:52:36
Lol very frustrating for customers to see that slow process.  Here is a clue, OCA modules are migrated when a customer(s) pay for it.  If no one is willing to fund the migration, ergo, no one wants it migrated badly enough at that time so the speed or otherwise of migration is irrelevant.  Free is not free.

Generally it is larger integrators and developers with larger customers funding those who don't want to pay for anything.  Their migration timelines are naturally slower than the little free bunch who want everything for nothing yesterday.  If there are modules you need migrated, either fund it or do it.  Complaining is pointless.

On Thu, May 12, 2016 at 3:27 AM, Andi <> wrote:
Thanks for your last statement nhomar, it shows exactly the ignorance and blocking power for the future of Odoo which seems to be indeed an OCA problem. Simply have a look how many modules have been converted to run in Odoo 9 until now. It is very frustrating for customers to see that very very slow process and you indeed start discussing Version 10. 

Sorry this is actually the suicide you are talking about. Yes we are developers but some which producer consumer oriented and easy to handle Products.

Have a look to the survey about what is wished for the future of Odoo - sorry don't have the tweet link here please check the odoo tweets. Result afaik was that it should be FAST and EASY. In other words it is perhaps just the contrary of what you like to have. 

You at Vauxoo have perhaps Mega Instalations might be but how old are they. Perhaps not even updated to 9 i guess. 

So what the heck the discussion about a 100% new API discussion if most agencies seem not even casble to handle quite simple updates to Version 9 which holds the new API. 

With Version 9 customers have a stable and meanwhile well tested product. Version 10 on 2.7 but new API would be not much different beside the fact that the Enterprise MRP Version and perhaps other Enterprise only features would be added. 

On our customers side and as I know from others too it is no big interest to feat Enterprise only stuff. 

of course an Odoo 10 with Python 3 would have the same 100% only new API. As Odoo already stated THEIR modules are already focussed and ready for version3.

So what do you want? get even further behind and still feeding those who were incapable to adapt even smaller changes in the past and still most of their so called mega sites are running on OLD API stuff ????

We and I know lots of others have not even more one site or mega installation running on the OLD API? We worked hard and customer friendly to get things done constantly. We call it consumer friendly.

In other words the discussion new or old API is complete nonsense for us, especially as long as 90% of OCA or other modules from companies which post in this Thread to keep 2.7 are not even running in Version 9 - properly.

Instead of focussing and pushing a 2,7 Odoo 10 version with new API it would be adviced to KEEP Version 9 as long as possible and integrate here 2.7 improvements and most important get as FIRST the OCA modules updated and also in your case all your Vauxoo Modules working properly in Version 9!!!

It is complete suicide right now to discuss a new 2.7 Version as this would delay the OCA conversion process which just has been started many months ago for many more years. 

Years Odoo customers will get even more behind. than as they are currently already.

With your perspective your customers can calculate with a stable version 10 Odoo on 2.7 and most OCA and Vauxoo modules running about 2020!!! not earlier!

If they would use Version 9 they could achieve exactly the same hopefully already in 2017 latest in 2018  ( depending of course also on how Vauxoo would convert their modules to the new API - which is your own problem which you need to solve internally )

Now take the case of an Odoo 10 running on Python 3. It would be well tested and ready also in 2020 perhaps even much earlier as many more developers would be interested to an 3.x Odoo 10 and even better many more investors could be aggregated to sponser 3.0 developments. 

For a 2.7 Odoo Version they would not even invest a brief view to a concept. Pleae stop blocking initiatives and ideas concerning Python 3. And stop calling things you don't like Feeding the troll!

Already many customers follow exactly this Thread here as it helps them to evaluate if Odoo would be the right choice for the future.

Like mister Rotterman already asked again: What is the roadmap and what is the timeframe!!! for Odoo running on Python Version 3.x - this is actually the question most of them are intetested sice years already - actually since Tryton runs on Version3 very successful.

And you can be assured that nobody arguing in favor of a 100% new API and Python 3.x Odoo with out compatibility breaks will leave the Thread or Odoo itself. They love Odoo and will stay with Odoo but they really don't like those throwing towards those who bring up critical stuff and which did their jobs propperly with updating all their customer sites regularly and have no need in a 100% Odoo on 2.7 as they run since years on the new API already.

This is the right Thread for all those who are interested in the future of Odoo and this Future can ONLY be an Odoo 9 with new API and some backward stuff but all on 2.7 and more and more OCA modules getting converted to 9 - even it is a very very slow process. 

and in parallel a 100% Only new API and on Python 3 running Odoo 10.

Odoo itself seems to be ready for the switch many others too but right now missing is the Odoo Core on Python3

as soon as even a develoment version of that core would be released to public for further contribution and development you would experience the real power of a switch to Python 3. 

You will have lits of developers developing only for Python 3 and of course with the new API. 

You will have much more tests running than ever in 2.7 as a Switch to Python 3 is a huge motivation for most developers I was talking the last mobths. Ok they are from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, .. in short not from the western Europe or South America. but here the interest seems to be immense to get things done in Python3, To build customer friendly speciaized Odoo Packages and more and none of them is interested to invest any more time in old API conversion stuff to 2.7. As said their sites run already on new APIs.

this fact is for sure also the reason for the huge result in having a 100% new API odoo. and only 15% don't like the elimination of the Old APi perhaps because they did not do their jobs properly in the past and are now standing for a huge problem while they still run Odoo 5, 6 and 7 sites. Simply forget about them and make a CUT - allow Odoo to be future proove and I hope Odoo will post asap a timeframe and exact roadmap with milestones, license changes which might occure again and of course for an Odoo 10 running on Python 3 and any later Version running on Python 3.

For your own sites I would recommend starting to do your homework properly ( customer service ) and I recommend to you Odoo 9 as it is stable and will have soon more and more modules converted and it is running the new aPi and stil allows some old aPI stuff.

Start preparing your customers to be ready and have fun with a Python 3 Odoo10.

Perhaps Fabien should have formulated the survey different.

Keeping Old API and Python 2.7
Enhance Odoo stuff in Version 9 making it the Last version running on Python 2.7 but increae the support until 2020.
Drop Old API and keep 2.7 in Odoo 10
Drop Old API and use Python 3 in Odoo 10

additional it would be interesting to know when people would like to see Odoo10 running on Python 3 should be released.

Odoo 10 with Python 3 shoud be available in:

6 months
12 months
18 months

and a Odoo 10 on Python 3 core version should be avaiabe for development and contributiion in

3 months
6 months
9 months

This would bring up a much better overview and results about what is wished on developer site.

Perhaps differentiate the survey

I am a developer
I am a customer
I am not a developer but member of an agency i.e. sales or outsoourcing project manager etc with no dev know how but know how about customer needs and skills to improve sales.

Have a nice evening!

On May 11, 2016, at 10:41, Nhomar Hernandez <> wrote:

On Tue, May 10, 2016 at 9:42 PM, Andi <> wrote:
Please don't throw to many stones in the roadmap of Odoo for its future. Customers want actually see a modern product and are asking more and mire for a Python 3 Odoo Version!

Your perspective is the perspective of "Product Consumer with Critic" not the "Software Editor" when you manage our volume of modules + OCA the perpective is totally diffferent.

It is not a matter of that: We will install python3 we will run a magical script that nobody knows how the hel it was done and PUM! all is migrated!!!!

And then, everybody will deploy that in seconds.!

The Statement you use here is not true 100% of times, even the fast odoo's evolution is a great problems in the perpective for long term, I need to discuss with our customers sometimes (almost all our implementations are middle size) and say that the deployment is in the way you mention for the reasons you mentioned is absolutly wrong, (even If in some cases it is not).

There are several types of customers all of them has its own kind of "Early adopter methods".

You can be partially right, but from an Editor Perspective you are absollutly wrong, and push Odoo to be even more dast of what actually is (which is bad enough rfom some point of views and good enought from other PoVs until now) IMHO is suicide EOF..


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