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Re: v9e document management

redCOR AG, robert rottermann
- 05/11/2016 05:23:38
Hi Yves,
there are a number of attempts underway.
- abstract, the company that hosted the recent sorrento sprint is in the process of creating a very interesting dms module
- my company is in the process of creating a dms module on top of the "old" knowledge module
- I know of an other one (but do not know the company behind it) which should become a module for sale

I would very much like, that these efforts are somehow coordinated.
How ??


On 11.05.2016 11:11, wrote:
Hello community,
what is available in v9e for document management? The v8 "knowledge" module is gone. How do you replace the functionalities?
I am aware of the module "document" but it don't offers a central repository for the company's documents. right?
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