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Re: Prototyping Odoo PosBox with regular hardware we see in supermarkets daily

Paul Catinean
- 05/10/2016 08:12:54
The technical obstacles in adding new hardware such as this are not as trivial as it may seem. One would think it's mostly plug and play and working like the supported hardware with minor adjustments.

PoSBox code needs to be hacked a bit and the protocols for the scale need to be implement in this case. I am also sure a new serial driver for the barcode scanner was needed as it is probably based on a USB library.

You also needed to differentiate between two serial communications on two USB ports and so on.

This is quite a leap and brings PoS closer to day-to-day supermarket equipment. With code such as this one can implement Odoo to existing chains without demanding a change in hardware and that's fantastic.

Nicely done, and very steady camera action as well :D


On Tue, May 10, 2016 at 11:41 AM, Wolfgang Taferner <> wrote:

Hi Ashant,
Well, happy that you liked my little demonstration and insights of what is already possible in a reasonable time.

Personally, I think your approach has a lot of overhead.
Of course someone can implement a highly sophisticated and perfect environment on his own platform/environment, but do we really want to work against the Odoo principles to remove dependencies and inter-dependencies for the flow instead of increasing them?
As long Odoo is providing the framework in an open manner, there is no reason why we should not use it to achieve the details except there is a technical reason and requirement which cannot be avoided or achieved otherwise.

You have seen (in case you know what is possible by now) that I was developing a serial driver and additional protocols out of the box and I am absolutely no hardware developer.
We just need to make the PoSBox image even smarter and we have a cheap and reliable unit for every point of sale.
Less hardware costs, less maintenance costs, smooth local integration, even for serial interfaces plug and play integration, so I really don’t see why you should develop a stand-alone Android app for this but if your customer has the money and believes it is worth it, why not? But think about what else the customer could do with Odoo with this money eventually saved ;-)

So, I would think in your shoes about improving the PoS web client and PoSBox even more before doing a PoS from scratch. Do you really know what it means? Of course it still has a lot of space for improvement, but reinventing the wheel is only recommended if you really reinvent the car and the roads or mobility itself ^^

Last but not least, have fun in what you do and make the best out of Odoo you can offer to your clients.




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Betreff: Re: Prototyping Odoo PosBox with regular hardware we see in supermarkets daily


Hello Wolfgang,

thank you for sharing the insightful experiments.

We are evaluating the POS for a potential client, where a native Java/Android POS-client was proposed. We documented a few thoughts here, and would appreciate the community’s thoughts on writing and maintaining such a client.

·      Yes, we know the maintenance cost of this client will be high (compared to just using odoo’s WebPOS). We trade this off with (perceived) reliability.

·      Besides cost, what disadvantages could we be walking into with this approach?

·      Has anyone implemented the iButton ID-peripheral? How did it go?

Thank you
euroblaze™ / Ashant

On 9 May 2016, at 13:08, Wolfgang Taferner wrote:

Dear Odoo community,

Is it possible with standard hardware to use Odoo for high-volume PoS transactions like we know it from supermarkets?
As Odoo PoSBox hardware support is quite limited and I got some sophisticated hardware by chance to test, I have invested some time to answer this question and want to share the results of this simple but interesting question, especially about thinking big in retail and PoS use cases.

Read more about the findings [1]
So, I hope you enjoy the blog post and if you just want to have a shortcut to the showcasing videos, feel free to take a quick look what was possible in a reasonable time. 2 3
I appreciate your comments and looking forward to seeing Odoo PoS in some serious and high-performance retail business in the wild soon.
Let’s go for it ;-)

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