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Re: Prototyping Odoo PosBox with regular hardware we see in supermarkets daily

euroblaze - Wapsol GmbH, Simplify-ERP®
- 05/10/2016 00:46:48

Hello Wolfgang,

thank you for sharing the insightful experiments.

We are evaluating the POS for a potential client, where a native Java/Android POS-client was proposed. We documented a few thoughts here, and would appreciate the community’s thoughts on writing and maintaining such a client.

  • Yes, we know the maintenance cost of this client will be high (compared to just using odoo’s WebPOS). We trade this off with (perceived) reliability.

  • Besides cost, what disadvantages could we be walking into with this approach?

  • Has anyone implemented the iButton ID-peripheral? How did it go?

Thank you
euroblaze™ / Ashant

On 9 May 2016, at 13:08, Wolfgang Taferner wrote:

Dear Odoo community,

Is it possible with standard hardware to use Odoo for high-volume PoS transactions like we know it from supermarkets?
As Odoo PoSBox hardware support is quite limited and I got some sophisticated hardware by chance to test, I have invested some time to answer this question and want to share the results of this simple but interesting question, especially about thinking big in retail and PoS use cases.

Read more about the findings [1]
So, I hope you enjoy the blog post and if you just want to have a shortcut to the showcasing videos, feel free to take a quick look what was possible in a reasonable time. 2 3
I appreciate your comments and looking forward to seeing Odoo PoS in some serious and high-performance retail business in the wild soon.
Let’s go for it ;-)

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