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Query about sale_rental module

Bharat Devnani
- 05/09/2016 05:58:35
Dear Raphael and Odoo Community Members,

First of all thanks to Team Akretion for this nice module, i have one question related to the functionality of this module it would be great if you can help. Just want to understand does this module track real time available quantity between renting date and returning date.

Say for example I have 200 qty available on 1st May for Product P1, and i have rental order from 2nd to 5th of 50 qty. Now if i get order of 180 goods on 3rd i don't have enough stock for the same product, but if i get the order of same qty i.e 180 on 6th i will have the required availability.

Is module has the same functionality or it has to be customized, if it doesn't support how to achieve that feature. Kindly advice, as i have tried to get the same functionality using quants, but quants will be generated once the move are in done state. And here the challenge is the orders can be of future dates too, which can be confirmed now but delivery part can be processed at later dates too.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Link :

Best Regards,