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Re: Odoo Development Cookbook

Arjan Duijs
- 05/07/2016 14:11:00
Cheers Daniel!
i took a quick look at the TOC and it covers quite some topics i was looking for and for which i couldnt find a proper explanation/tutorial

off to reading it!

2016-05-07 3:12 GMT-05:00 Daniel Reis <>:
Thanks all for all nice comments.

This book targets 9.0 community edition, and tries to point out differences with 8.0, when significant.

It is very different from the "Odoo Development Essentials": in scope, depth and style. 

The Essentials targeted beginners, while still trying to be a decent piece of reference for everyone.

The Cookbook is more ambitious and reads like a how-to encyclopedia with practical examples. It's probably too dense to read from one end to the other in one go. Most people will jump directly to the topics (recipes) they're interested at the moment.

Have a look at the sample chapter and ToC to see what I mean.

I strongly advise to buy from Packt instead of Amazon. On Amazon you don't get the ebook when buying the paper book, and the Kindle DRM controls take a lot of freedom from you.

But please do write your nice book reviews on Amazon, to help spread the word :-)

@nhomar Yes, the domain name sounds "official" doesn't it :-). I also have the


No dia 07/05/2016, às 08:36, Jordi Ballester Alomar <> escreveu:

Alexandre, Holger, Daniel, congratulations.

You rock!!!

El 7/5/2016 0:57, "Daniel Reis" <> escribió:
Hello all,

I am pleased to announce that the latest addition to the Odoo library has been published!
The "Odoo Development Cookbook" is a hand-on comprehensive guide for Odoo development.

It is available from the Packt Publishing website. at:

If you buy the paper book, you also get the ebook at no extra charge.
And Pack Publishing ebooks are DRM free!

The book's website more content available about the book, such as a sample chapter and the full table of contents. Make sure you check it out:

I hope you enjoy it.

Best regards,
Daniel Reis

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