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[9.0] Have Logistic Units Been Removed From Odoo 9.0, and if so, what functionality replaces this concept?

Luke Branch
- 05/07/2016 00:46:02
Hi Community,

I've run into a problem setting up logistic units in Odoo 9.0.

When purchasing products from a certain manufacturer these products are sold in cartons with a specific set of specifications, for example:

Carton Length:
Carton Width:
Carton Height:
Empty Carton Weight:

These specifications need to be used on customer pricelists, packing lists for shipping, as well as shipping carrier rules.

For some reason I am not able to find this concept in Odoo 9 (however it was available in Odoo 8), and i'm wondering how to handle these requirements in 9, given the change.

Has anyone else come across this issue, and come up with a solution to this issue?

If this concept has indeed been removed from Odoo 9.0, i'll start working on a community module to replace at least the basic functionality for my own needs, however before starting work on this i'd just like to make sure that this is not just a case of me simply not understanding how this concept is handled in Odoo 9.

Any advice would be appreciated.