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Re: Odoo ecommerce vs magento

Fabien Pinckaers (fp)
- 05/06/2016 10:38:29
1) On page 8 you assert that odoo enterprise offers multiple pictures per product - can you let us know how this is possible ?

The recommended way (and the reason why we ticked the box in the grid) is just to drag & drop building blocks on the product page.

These two pages have multiple pictures

Magento's approach looks more like (1): you have to hover to get pictures. Whereas Odoo's approach looks more like (2): you have to scroll. Both are good, it's just a different approach to the same problem: Multiple Pictures per product.

Alternatively, if you want to do it the Magento way, there are different ways:
- use the Gallery buidling block (eventually remove the photo to start the HTML content directly)
- variants have a different images in v9
- use a community module (there are several for that purpose on

2) On page 9 you state that cart abandonment tracking is available - can you let us know how customer's carts are inspected from the backend of odoo ?

See quotations in the sales team of your shop:
- Quotations: abandoned or current carts
- Sent Quotations: sales confirmed by payment not registered (e.g. wire transfer)
3) On page 9 you state that there are customer testimonials are available for odoo enterprise - this is obviously completely distinct from a product review, which relates to a specific product.

This could be implemented in different ways. The main approach is to use the website_customer module for "Customer References", e.g:

But there are others ways:
- website_partners for resellers
- static HTML pages, using the Testimonial building block
- product reviews